Cardiovascular Technician

The Job Holder
Rome, GA, USA
Feb 13, 2020

Client Name

Floyd Medical Center


The Cardiovascular Technician produces chronicles of the heart's electrical movement utilizing electrocardiography (EKG) to give information to determination of heart diseases. This individual appropriately interfaces the anodes to deliver quality tracings and screens the electrocardiogram for irregular examples. The Cardiovascular Technician guarantees that the EKG results are put into the patient's diagram and reports huge discoveries to the patient's medical attendant (if there should arise an occurrence of inpatients). He/she alters and advances last test results to going to doctor for examination and downloads the EKG into the revealing and authentic framework. 

Likewise, the Cardiovascular Technician will associate and apply Cardiac Event Monitors and Holter Monitors, download and examine the account, and print a report for the doctor. He/she gets ready patients for stress testing and takes part by checking the EKG and the patient's circulatory strain during the test. Further, the Cardiovascular Technician will move patients varying and help with altering the last reports on cardiology systems.