Executive Assistant

The Job Holder
Santarosa, CA, USA
Feb 14, 2020

Client Name

St. Joseph Health / Covenant Health


Provision St. Joseph Health is calling an Executive Assistant to our area in Santa Rosa, CA. 

We are looking for an Executive Assistant to be answerable for performing continuous authoritative and secretarial help administrations of a complex, and frequently classified, nature for a ranking director position or potentially a gathering of experts inside PSMS. This position performs work that is different and for the most part authoritative or potentially ventures arranged. The exercises of this position incorporate overseeing schedules, correspondence, meeting and motivation planning and other strategic issues, and unique activities. It is foreseen that the individual holding this position will arrange widely with a significant number of the association's supervisory crew and will speak to their manager in a positive and expert way. 

Right now will: 

  1. Work with the boss to create plans expected to do doled out exercises and undertakings. Exercise autonomous judgment with respect to arranging, sorting out, and booking work. 
  2. Manage the coordination of the workplace of the individual(s) they support. May include supervision of other managerial representatives. 
  3. Perform regulatory capacities on the side of gatherings as allocated. Bolster exercises incorporate opportune assortment and planning of draft motivation; dispersal of meeting materials; coordination of meeting records, assessments and follow-up reports. 
  4. Timetable gatherings (gathering and individual), travel, and outside duties. 
  5. Use word preparation programming, spreadsheet programming, and different introduction programming alternatives to finish complex assignments with practicality and exactness. Exercise autonomous judgment and dynamic in taking care of approaching and outbound data and material. 
  6. Give suitable referrals to issues as they emerge, or illuminates their supervisor(s) when a circumstance warrants direct consideration.