The Job Holder
Moody AFB, GA, USA
Feb 15, 2020

Client Name

US Department of the Air Force



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The basic role of this position is to fill in as the essential purpose of contact with the squadron authority/executive for authoritative help programs. 


  • Straightforwardly helps the authority/chief in the administration of all authoritative help program capacities. Manages projects and fills in as the essential wellspring of data. 
  • Fills in as the occupant topic master for all commanded managerial projects. 
  • Fills in as a unit contact to the military and nonmilitary personnel staff workplaces. Screens faculty activity demands, tracks staff, labor, and preparing exchanges as documentation courses through the squadron and gives status reports to the board. 
  • Performs other administrative and authoritative work on the side of the workplace/association. Gives counsel and direction to staff in the association on regulatory, administrative, and procedural prerequisites.