Customer Care Coordinator

The Job Holder
Atlanta, GA, USA
Feb 15, 2020

Client Name

CCA and B, LLC



The Customer Care Coordinator is liable for coordinating day by day remaining task at hand and telephone inclusion for the Customer Care Department, while likewise proceeding as a Customer Care Specialist. He/she handles the client's immediate solicitations, issues, concerns, discounts, credits, and returns and is answerable for guaranteeing that every departmental procedure and methods are followed. The Customer Care Coordinator reviews record to check that client orders are entered precisely and perform proper line - up with colleagues. He/she helps the Director/VP of Domestic Sales with intermittent cold pitches and resolves installment issues with clients. What's more, the Customer Care Coordinator has direct supervisory obligation over the Customer Care Team and gives back up to the Director/VP of Domestic Sales. 

Basic Duties and Responsibilities: "Basic capacities" are essential occupation obligations that officeholders must have the option to perform unassisted or with some sensible convenience made by the business.