Health Information Management Technician

The Job Holder
Dahlonega, GA, USA
Feb 18, 2020

Client Name

Chelsey Park Health and Rehab



Employment Details: 

  1. Answerable for the arrangement and upkeep of patient medicinal records and structures for Northridge Medical Center as per the current government, state, and nearby guidelines and focus rules. 
  2. Sets up and keeps up control techniques to upgrade the productive and powerful treatment of patient medicinal records and related restorative reports. 
  3. Behaviors routine reviews on dynamic medicinal records. 
  4. Audits and arranges outlines of released patients; cleanses records as per focus rules. 
  5. Resolves translation issues. 
  6. Audits and follows up on doctor documentation in the therapeutic record. 
  7. Directions record audit and help requesters with access to and the arrival of data. 
  8. Reacts to demands for medicinal data by performing obligations as per built up an emergency clinic and departmental approach and state and government laws. 
  9. Procedures approaching and active mail every day. 
  10. Breaks down, assemble and conveys details and information for gatherings and reports. 
  11. Explores, reports, and submits HIPPA Violations 
  12. Keeps up protection and security minds all PCs for the inside.