The Job Holder
Atlanta, GA, USA
Feb 18, 2020

Client Name

Laurel Heights Hospital


Tree Heights Hospital is a serious mental private treatment office for kids and young people. We are looking for Utilization Review (UR) Coordinator/Admissions with INTAKE EXPERIENCE in an emergency clinic/mental setting, favor involvement in kids and young people Autism or other neurodevelopmental handicaps, including the individuals who are tolerable to seriously influenced by Autism. The applicant ought to have a piece of essential information on youngster development and improvement, psychological well-being and formative issue. EOE. 

Employment Requirements 

Capability AT ENTRY: 

College alumni in related field ideally school level perusing, composing, and math abilities; fantastic phone use aptitudes and solid verbal aptitudes; information on social insurance administration conveyance frameworks and outsider repayment; comprehension of confirmation and release work; recognition with therapeutic phrasing, symptomatic terms and treatment modalities; information on medicinal record keeping; solid relational, authoritative, evaluative, and time the board abilities; approach translation aptitudes; commonality with material norms and guidelines; adaptability; meticulousness; ready to grasp mental assessments, counsels, lab results, and so forth.; responsiveness to cutoff times; confidence, perseverance, and convincingness; ready to work with negligible heading or supervision.