Patient Access Rep II- Full-time 6:30a-3p Mon-Fri and Saturdays occasionally

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Atlanta, GA, USA
Feb 18, 2020

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At Emory Healthcare, we coordinate science and mind to change the essence of medicinal services. Our colleagues are bold people who are happy to shake things up and help discover answers for complex issues. We're enabled to impact change for, and with, our patients, their families, the network and one another. 

As one of the main scholastic restorative frameworks, we're anxious to share what we realize with emergency clinics around the nation and the world. We have the sponsorship, information, experience, and consent to lead the route in growing new and better ways to deal with forestalling and treating malady, and our patients get medications years before any other person. 

We're characterizing another standard of care for mankind. Is it accurate to say that you are prepared to go along with us? 


Expected set of responsibilities: 

  1. Acquires segment and protection data for preregistration/enrollment on all patients. 
  2. Imparts emergency clinic's money related arrangements to all patients. 
  3. Recognizes patients who require early money related guiding intercession. 
  4. Gathers on self-compensation accounts, co-pay, and deductibles. 
  5. Records monetary game plans. 
  6. Timetables methods/follow up arrangements. 
  7. Guarantees and surveys every segment datum for emergency clinic visits. 
  8. Broadly educates in different Access Departments and Facilities. 
  9. Timetables methods/follow up arrangements in General Patient Registration Millennium Scheduling. 
  10. Finishes segment and protection. 
  11. Gives patients test data. 
  12. Acquainted with Advance Beneficiary Notice, precertification, ICD-10 coding, Medical Terminology. 
  13. Speaks with Physician Offices, Staff, and different offices. 
  14. Answerable for getting pre-accreditation or potentially oversaw care referrals for inpatient and outpatient experiences. 
  15. Different obligations incorporate performing confirmation of advantages, request passage, and pre-accreditation for elective and crisis affirmations. 
  16. Position requires a self-persuaded person who can deal with high patient volumes and a quick pace. 
  17. Help with departmental work process varying. 
  18. Keeps up careful comprehension of protection, enlistment, planning, referrals, approvals, and record development. 

Keeps up information on departmental applications for example Overshadowing, E-Cashiering, FirstNet, HealthQuest, General Patient Registration (GPR), Enterprise Encounter, Scheduling, Millennium, and Patient Responsibility Pricer, and different frameworks used by Patient Access. Performs different obligations as required.