St. Mary's Athens Registrar

The Job Holder
Athens, GA, USA
Feb 19, 2020

Client Name

St. Mary's Health Care System


Registers or pre-registers patients by directing the patient meeting to acquire total and precise segment and budgetary data. Tolerant is handled in an expert and effective way to maintain a strategic distance from the deferral of treatment. Gets total and exact money related data for right charging and to verify repayment. Uses required enlistment frames and get a fitting signature(s). 

Procedures suitable patient names for positive patient ID. Keeps up database honesty by precisely recognizing the right patient to enlist. At the point when proper, makes another clinical record as well as the record number. Relegates the right underwriter to the account. 

Concedes patients to address room or region of administration. Confirms clinical need and qualification per electronic system(s). Gathers persistent deductibles, co-pays and other obligation from present or past record adjusts. Verifies approves and arranges doctor orders before treatment in ProviderLink. 

Goes to enlistment staff gatherings. Organizes work for ideal repayment and to maintain a strategic distance from money related hazard to both patient and emergency clinic. Comprehends job inside the Revenue Cycle. Broad utilization of keyboarding, performing multiple tasks abilities, and office hardware anticipated. 

May help patients to alloted room or other clinical divisions, varying. Embodies uncommon client support.