The Job Holder
Torrance, CA, USA
Feb 20, 2020

Client Name

Torrance Memorial Medical Center


Under the general supervision of the Emergency Department Clinical Director, gives secretarial and general office work, including the utilization of programming programs for example Office Word, Excel and others. She goes about as the secretary to the Emergency Department Director and offers help to the supervisory group, Medical Director and doctors as mentioned. 

Center Competencies 

Keeps up documents and recordkeeping framework in a way that permits simple recovery of data. 

Finishes reports, letters, updates, and different archives in an exact and simple to peruse position inside settled upon time periods. 

Edits work for precision preceding dissemination or duplicating. 

Answers telephones and screens call for Directors varying. Takes exact messages and courses in an auspicious manner. 

Makes arrangements and timetables gatherings as mentioned 

Facilitates, plans, and appropriate month to month Emergency Department On-Call Schedule. 

Sorts, screens, and disseminates mail day by day for Emergency Department doctors, Clinical Director of the Emergency Department, Managers of the Emergency Department and Paramedic Base Station Emergency Department staff varying. 

Reacts to requests and correspondence as important, eg legitimate, protection, clinical records, taxi installments, get ready solicitations to be agreed upon. 

Screens Taxi Voucher Distribution Log for exactness and consistency and guarantees accessibility of vouchers in division 

Finishes photocopying varying to help the group including instructors and staff. 

Keeps up general office manuals. 

Manages Emergency Department administrative volunteers. 

Helps to plan and facilitate occasions supported by the Emergency Department