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Atlanta, GA, USA
Aug 19, 2019

Client Name

Air Charter Service


From film stars, artists, models, brandishing stars and high-positioning executives all utilization personal jets and helicopters to travel, yet have you at any point ceased to think about what goes on in the background? Who finds that truly amazing airplane and guarantees it's looking out for the landing area for them? The appropriate response is individuals like us. 


Our personal jets division has sanctioned helicopters and personal jets for everything from gatherings and business acquisitions to catwalk introductions and recommendations. Consistently offers up new difficulties, with inner movement and arranged extension-making opportunities for new ability to join our present deals group. 


In the event that you go along with us, you'll begin your vocation as a learner specialist, with a senior merchant doled out as your coach. During your initial a year with us, you will work intimately with your coach learning at work, just as attempted our top tier preparing the program. During this time you'll go out on flight reps, seeing direct what goes into guaranteeing a personal jet contract goes off effortlessly. You'll additionally take in everything from how to assemble a business list, to which planes can convey which measure of travelers and how to oversee a sanctioned flight. 





Setting up an arrangement of customers, distinguishing new customers through cold pitching, organizing and overseeing on the web inquiries 

Capacity to exhibit a specialist comprehension of the airplane and sanctioning procedure 

Building long haul gainful associations with the two customers and provider 

  • Overseeing official contract appointments from inquiry to the culmination 
  • Flight watching/regulating flight takeoffs (this may be unsociable hours) 
  • Travel and the chance to fly on sanction airplane 





  • Capacity to surpass deals monetary targets 
  • Dedicated and adaptable, this job isn't just 9-5 
  • Aspiration, drive, and self-inspiration 
  • Extraordinary relational abilities 
  • Amazing critical thinking and arrangement aptitudes 
  • Solid versatility with the capacity to flourish working under strain 
  • Legitimate driving permit and visa 





  • Aggressive compensation and liberal commission 
  • Liberal paid-time-off recompense 
  • Extra paid leave alternatives for Christmas, Valentine's Day, your birthday, moving house and weddings 
  • Therapeutic and 401k advantages bundle 
  • Grant winning in house preparing and coaching, which incorporates around 7 weeks situated in our London home office joined with other Europe workplaces 
  • An amicable, fun and energizing condition encompassed by probably the best in the business