BW Caliber Tech - Out of Class only

The Job Holder
Atlanta, GA, USA
Aug 19, 2019

Client Name

Delta Air Lines




Examines, tests, keep up, fixes and adjusts an assortment of instrumentation and gear including modern hardware, test seats, mechanical, electrical, pneumatic, pressure-driven, tooling, and so on inside an aviation Maintenance, fix, and Overhaul (MRO) office for a noteworthy aircraft. Must most likely Interpret schematics/wiring charts and specialized manuals. Use test hardware, oscilloscopes, computerized voltmeters, and range analyzers, physical dimensional and various kinds of Test, Measure and Diagnostic Equipment (TMDE). Must be capable in the utilization of benchmarks, outlines, draws, manuals, producer's determinations and directions utilized in the alignment business. 


Performs alignment, investigating, fix, and modification in the lab or set up on physical/mechanical Test, Measure and Diagnostic Equipment (TMDE, for example, however not restricted to: weight, vacuum, fluid, and gas stream, mass, length, optical, temperature, torque, power, vibration, dimensional instruments and tachometry adjustments.


Translates and uses NIST or potentially other International Standards Organization (ISO) or different reports and revisions for any degree of adjustment and estimation. 

Keeps up current learning of all physical hardware and estimation procedures to perform best in class estimations with least building course. 


Play out the accompanying obligations in a joint effort with the Metrology research center as well as set up capacities: prescribe adjustment/fix procedures and alignment/fix frameworks for new sorts of instruments; prescribe changes to refresh existing alignment and additionally fix stations by deciding substitution of instruments, supporting gear, and techniques; decide range, precision and vulnerability prerequisites of lab hardware important to perform substantial adjustments as well as fixes; advise supervision regarding any inadequacies in estimation or potentially fixability and prescribe vital changes to meet necessities. 


Aid the age and verification testing of new adjustment methods, audits, and updates of old techniques to reflect new innovation or potentially gear enhancements. Prescribe new alignment or potentially fix procedures and substitution of instruments and segments. 


Help builds in the advancement of vulnerability investigation, reports, and check benchmarks for accreditation in estimation parameters. Gather test and check standard information to satisfy accreditation guidelines. Get ready pattern graphs for alignment reference and check measures. Perform accreditation testing on benchmarks and ancient rarities. 


Get ready for and take part in Government or potential client and business reviews, evaluations, for example, the MIP (Measurement Intercomparison Program), MAP (Measurement Audit Program), and accreditation review programs. 


Recognize instruments which can never again be kept up inside indicated resistances or work all through a predetermined range and suggest proper arrangement, for example, retirement, term, constrained execution, and so forth. Help to design in investigating of instrument issues. 


Perform important contact with Company and additionally merchant staff to research instrument glitches. 


Candidates must have an Associate of Science Degree in Physical Technology, or specialized preparing proportional to fulfillment of a two-year course in physical estimations, metrology, or other related subjects, or at least twenty four two years of alignment experience and effective fruition of preparing necessities as a Physical Calibration Technician (military or regular citizen). An FCC permit and involvement with radio transmitters/recipients liked. Must be able to work freely to create methods and systems and give specialized help to other people. Least of 2 years regular citizen or military fly motor test cell alignment experience liked. Must be precisely situated with great composed and verbal correspondences abilities. Involvement with Excel, Word and different business PC programming applications firmly wanted. Experience working in an NVLAP or comparative adjustment research facility accreditation program condition are an or more. More likely than not showed achievement working in a group domain. Must be physically ready to climb stepping stools, lift gear more than 25 lbs., sit as well as represent broadened timeframes, and work in a mechanical situation.