Clinical Research Coordinator I

The Job Holder
Atlanta, GA, USA
Aug 19, 2019

Client Name

Emory University





  • Handles or helps with authoritative exercises by and large connected with the lead of clinical preliminaries. 
  • Keeps up information relating to research ventures, finishes source records/case report shapes, and performs information section. 
  • Helps with patient enrollment. 
  • Goes to think about gatherings. 
  • Requests and keeps up hardware and supplies. 
  • Surveys restorative records or potentially directs screenings for the enlistment of study members, performs meetings and QOL polls. 
  • Gathers study example as indicated by the convention which may incorporate phlebotomy, handling, and arrangement for transportation. 
  • Directions administrations, plan techniques, makes and keeps up case bundles, and screens charges. 
  • Helps with quality affirmation and tracks administrative entries. 
  • Performs related affirmed duties as required. 





  • (1.) High School Diploma or GED and three years of managerial help involvement OR 
  • (2.) Two years of school in a logical, wellbeing related, or business organization program and one year of administrator backing or client administration experience OR 
  • (3.) Licensed as a down to earth nurture (LPN) and one-year administrator backing or one year of authorized pragmatic nursing knowledge OR 
  • (4.) Bachelor's qualification, Master's certificate, MD or Ph.D. in a logical, wellbeing related or business organization program. This position is planned to help clinical research and all clinical preparing necessities must be followed and checked through Emory Healthcare under the credentialing class of CLINICAL RESEARCHER.