The Job Holder
Fulton Industrial Boulevard Southwest, Atlanta, GA, USA
Aug 19, 2019

Client Name

Fulton County Sheriff Office






Least Qualifications: 


Four year college education in bookkeeping, money, business or open organization; or a related field required; enhanced by three (3) long stretches of involvement in monetary examination, spending advancement, open bookkeeping, or reviewing; or any proportional mix of instruction, preparing, and experience which gives the imperative information, aptitudes, and capacities for this activity. 


Explicit License or Certification Required: None. 


Explicit Knowledge, Skills, or Abilities: Must almost certainly show capability in the execution of the fundamental capacities and learn, fathom, and apply all-region or departmental arrangements, practices, and methods important to work successfully in the position. 



The motivation behind Classification: 


The motivation behind this arrangement is to perform obligations identified with the planning and submittal of yearly departmental spending plans. Duties incorporate dissecting departmental solicitations, auditing month to month consumption investigation, and preparing spending alteration demands. This arrangement is recognized from Budget Analyst, Senior in that this order forms departmental spending modification demands however does not manage allocated staff, while the last administers appointed staff, screens departmental spending plans and facilitates/readies the County's yearly spending book. 



Fundamental Functions: 


  • The accompanying obligations are typical for this position. The exclusion of explicit articulations of the obligations does not prohibit them from the grouping if the work is comparable, related, or an intelligent task for this characterization. Different obligations might be required and allocated. 
  • Helps County offices and organizations in the planning and submittal of yearly departmental spending plans: decides calendars, rules and configuration of spending plan submittals; inquires about, agrees, and abridges information required for detailing of spending gauges; chooses and enters budgetary data on a wide assortment of related structures, plans, and reports;analyses different spending situations and situational spending decreases and computes related changes. 
  • Breaks down departmental solicitations to plan spending suggestions for thought by the Fulton County Budget Commission. 
  • Behaviors budgetary investigation and creates monetary and factual reports for leaders: breaks down genuine money related information week after week/quarterly to extend potential surplus or potentially deficiencies inside different divisions' spending limits; and examines departmental activities and make proposals for enhancements. 
  • Gets ready reports and surveys month to month investigation of uses. 
  • Aids the readiness of the County's yearly spending book for open dispersion: conducts research and investigation of state and neighborhood factual information for examinations; incorporates income and uses for different County Fund spending plans, and changes over real and anticipated consider along with graphical information for visual correlations. 
  • Procedures spending alteration demands and help with settling spending plan and financing issues: favors or rejects modification demands in consistence with the state, neighborhood, and government law; and behaviors investigation to guarantee fitting development of subsidizing. 
  • Gives preparing and help to offices/people in the utilization of monetary data frameworks. 



Extra Functions: 


Performs other related obligations as required. 



Execution Aptitudes: 


  • Information Utilization: Requires the capacity to assess, review, conclude, as well as evaluate information utilizing built up criteria. Incorporates practicing carefulness in deciding genuine or likely outcomes and in referencing such assessment to distinguish and choose options. 
  • Human Interaction: Requires the capacity to work with and apply standards of influence as well as impact over others to arrange projects or exercises of a venture, and resolve ordinary issues related with the obligations of the activity. 
  • Gear, Machinery, Tools, and Materials Utilization: Requires the capacity to work, move or potentially control the activities of hardware, apparatus, devices, or potentially materials utilized in performing basic capacities. 
  • Verbal Aptitude: Requires the capacity to use a wide assortment of reference, distinct, warning or potentially structure information and data. 
  • Scientific Aptitude: Requires the capacity to perform expansion, subtraction, increase and division; capacity to ascertain decimals and rates; may incorporate capacity to perform numerical tasks including fundamental arithmetical standards and recipes, and essential geometric standards and figurings. 
  • Utilitarian Reasoning: Requires the capacity to apply standards of impact frameworks, for example, inspiration, impetus, and authority, and to practice free judgment to apply actualities and standards for creating methodologies and procedures to determine issues. 
  • Situational Reasoning: Requires the capacity to practice judgment, definitiveness and imagination in circumstances including the assessment of data against tactile, judgmental, or abstract criteria, instead of that which is plainly quantifiable or certain. 
  • It is the strategy of Fulton County that there will be equivalent open door for each resident, representative, and candidate, in view of legitimacy regardless of race, shading, religion, national source, sex, age, hereditary qualities, incapacity or sexual direction. 



The representative advantages bundle is far-reaching and broad. It incorporates the accompanying : 


  • Wellbeing programs that incorporate HMO and PPO medicinal choices, Dental, Vision benefits, Long Term Disability, and Employee Assistance Programs 
  • Disaster protection with the capacity to buy supplemental sums and ward inclusion 
  • 401A retirement plan and the decision of Deferred Compensation plans 


Downtime: 13 occasions for each year 


Get-away leave, debilitated leave, deprivation leave, crisis leave, military leave, court leave, family restorative leave (FMLA) and parental leave. 

Buy of MARTA cards 

Different finance findings, for example, credit associations, reserve funds securities and so on.