Rehab Office Coordinator

The Job Holder
Monroe, WA, USA
Aug 19, 2019

Client Name

Genesis Rehab Services



POSITION SUMMARY: The Rehab Office Coordinator helps the Program Manager in the authoritative administration of the restoration office. The Rehab Office Coordinator is in charge of all administrative, housekeeping, and regulatory administrations in his/her relegated destinations of administration. 


Obligations/ACCOUNTABILITIES: 1. Guarantees all advisor and partner licenses are present and posted. 2. Finishes all division upkeep including cleaning everything being equal and hardware, observing the temperature of hydro collator units, guaranteeing any mechanical checks or adjustments are finished by a calendar, exhausting clothing, stocking supplies and clean clothing, requesting supplies under the course of the Program Manager. 3. Guarantees specialists are present for all obligatory as well as required in-administrations. 4. Tracks and guarantees all recovery staff are present for PPDs. 5. Guarantees all workers submit finance data on a week after week premise and presents all cost reports. 6. Tracks doctor requests and marks. 7. Tracks screens and tells advisors. 8. Audits QIR month to month for changes and reports to Program Manager. 9. Finishes specialized reviews of diagrams, guaranteeing all documentation is available. 10. Sends and tracks the return of beginning assessments and affirmations. 11. Under the bearing of the Program Manager, arranges all new staff to the inside and office. 12. Tracks due date of all legitimacy audit disseminate and gathers input for execution surveys as coordinated by the Program Manager. 13. Tracks profitability and effectiveness. 14. Guarantees precise and complete part of the bargain. 15. Under the bearing of advisors, facilitates patient booking with nursing. 16. Finishes RehabOptima Hot List in an opportune way. 17. Finishes week by week Projections. 18. Goes to office gatherings as mentioned. 19. Prints advisor/colleague everyday plans. 20. Alarms Program Manager to day by day staffing levels and caseload. 21. Promptly alarms Program Manager of Customer Service issues. 22. Gives MDS data as mentioned by the office. 23. Alarms Program Manager of any staff talk. 24. Keeps up all recording. 25. Helps with study consistence. 26. Guarantees data is imparted to staff as to proper. 27. Performs other related obligations as mentioned by the PM.