Universal Banker FT(40 hrs) Windward Parkway

The Job Holder
Atlanta, GA, USA
Aug 19, 2019

Client Name

SunTrust Bank, Inc


The Universal Banker is in charge of giving an outstanding in-branch customer experience by dealing with each customer need from deals to support. Using requirements based selling approach, the Universal Banker will give arrangements dependent on customer needs and how they like to direct their banking. Guarantee the customer feels welcome and give them a one-stop involvement in handling exchanges and satisfying their deals and administration needs. Time spent in different parts of this job will fluctuate contingent on branch traffic and needs and the job of different partners in the branch. The extent of time spent on each will shift every day. 


Set up new financial associations with customers guaranteeing they are offered every one of the items and administrations that are proper given their money related needs. Hold and develop existing customer connections through necessities based selling approach and conveying uncommon customer experience. Give record adjusting and support, and help with issue goals for customers as per every single set up system and guidelines. Procedure exchanges precisely, help with operational exercises and obligations and keep up adaptability between performing teller and deals related exchanges. Urge customers to utilize self-administration banking arrangements including, ATMs, on-line, and versatile banking to upgrade their administration experience. 




Essential Requirements: 

Secondary school recognition or equal 

  • Least a half year experience as a Teller or In-Store Financial Services Representative with our Company, or one year of involvement in another monetary organization including a few or the majority of the accompanying: administration, deals, money taking care of or installment exchange understanding. 
  • Exhibits capacity to interface unquestionably with customers. 
  • Capacity to distinguish, assess and resolve customer monetary needs. 
  • Money taking care of or potentially installment exchange involvement in a medium to high volume condition with set up preparing techniques and controls 
  • Essential math and numeric sequencing fitness. 
  • Willing and ready to adhere to directions and work under set up rules 
  • Capacity to deal with an assortment of assignments and needs over the span of a business day 
  • Has expertise, capacity, and fitness to convey industry-driving administration, perform routine customer support demands, issue goals and fundamental deals works just as essential teller exchanges. 
  • Focus on propelling information of offers strategies and item learning to more readily serve individuals and business customers. 
  • Commitments made to meeting and surpassing customer administration and branch deals objectives by offering and selling items and administrations and creating, growing and holding connections. 
  • Reliably pursues characterized techniques for bank activities and customer administration practices that add to conveying an uncommon customer association. 
  • Information of hazard the board and misfortune anticipation. Supervision and additionally help required with increasingly complex stage undertakings. 
  • Fulfills administrative necessities for holding the position, including satisfying the capability guidelines forced by the Loan Originator Compensation principle of the Truth in Lending Act. 



Favored Requirements: 

  • School-level courses 



One year experience as a Teller, Client Service Specialist, or In-Store Financial Services Representative with our Company, or an identical position at a tantamount monetary foundation; two years' involvement in a deal and administration based position in a retail situation. 


Equivalent Opportunity Employer: SunTrust bolsters an assorted workforce and is a Drug Testing and Equal Opportunity Employer. SunTrust does not victimize people based on race, belief, shading, sex, religion, national beginning, age, inability, veteran status, pregnancy, conjugal status, citizenship status, sexual direction, sex character, hereditary data, or some other characterization ensured by pertinent laws.