Forestry Technician (Fire Dispatch)

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Alturas, CA, USA
Aug 20, 2019

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US Department of Agriculture






This position fills in as a Fire Dispatcher situated on a backwoods unit and is in charge of supporting flame concealment exercises. This might be a solitary office dispatch office or interagency dispatch focus situated in a flame the executives association. 

Data on explicit areas where employments are being filled and the dates applications are expected for these areas can be found on the Forest Service site 




  • Works or potentially coordinate the activity of different dispatch media transmission frameworks. 
  • Foresees fire concealment needs and decides the asset portion. Directions avionics dispatch activities (e.g., airship abilities and confinements, flight arranging, flying security). 
  • Audits inside working methods and frameworks make proposals for development, and updates/creates working plans and assembly controls. 
  • Arranges and audits finished records of all requests set and moves made to guarantee adherence to set up working methods. 
  • Performs, and coordinates others, in contributing information into various flame related PC applications (e.g., episode capability records, fire announcing frameworks, and robotized dispatch frameworks) and makes an appraisal of yields. 
  • Plans and gives basic calculated help data to the chief for effective execution of flame the executive's program exercises. Creates and actualizes fire program the executive's task work plans. 
  • Furnishes data and counsels with cooperators and other intrigued substances. Arranges and may help with flame preparing and direction. Gives help on issues experienced by lower-level dispatch staff. 
  • Performs rapidly spreading fire concealment support as coordinated inside preparing and physical and different obligations as doled out. 
  • Obligations recorded are at the full execution level. 


Travel Required 


  • Intermittent travel - Occasional medium-term travel might be required for flame concealment or fire related assignments. 
  • Supervisory status 
  • No 
  • Advancement Potential 
  • Occupation family (Series) 
  • 0462 Forestry Technician 
  • Prerequisites 
  • Prerequisites 
  • States of Employment 
  • Must be a U.S. Resident or National. 
  • Guys brought into the world after 12-31-59 must be enrolled for Selective Service or excluded. 
  • Subject to tasteful mediation of foundation examination or potentially unique mark check. 
  • Effective culmination of one-year trial period, except if recently served. 
  • Per Public Law 104-134 every single Federal representative are required to have government installments made by direct store to their money related organization. 
  • Effectively pass the E-Verify work confirmation check. To become familiar with E-Verify, including your rights and obligations, visit E-Verify. 
  • Introductory arrangement is liable to agreeable fruition of preparing. 
  • Must be 18 years old 
  • This is a Test Designated Position. You will be tried for unlawful medications preceding arrangement and haphazardly from that point. Arrangement and proceeded with work is restrictive on negative outcomes. 
  • Some Fire positions may have Conditions of Employment, for example, a substantial express driver's permit; a business driver's permit (CDL); 
  • Willing to live/work in remote areas (unstable/unusual) 
  • Least of 90 days of wildland firefighting knowledge is required 
  • There might be extra Conditions of Employment not recorded here, anyway candidates will be informed of a particular prerequisites at the season of speculative employment proposition is made. 
  • Must pass a Live Scan which incorporates Federal Bureau of Investigations/Department of Justice historical verification preceding being confirmed to perform law implementation dispatching obligations and working the California Law Enforcement Telecommunications System 



So as to qualify, you should meet the qualification and capabilities prerequisites as characterized beneath by the end date of the declaration. For more data on the capabilities for this position, visit the Office of Personnel Management's General Schedule Qualification Standards. 

Your application and resume should plainly demonstrate that you have the experience prerequisites. Transcripts must be accommodated capabilities dependent on instruction. Give course depictions as important. 


Specific Experience Requirement: 


GS-05: One year of specific experience identical to at any rate the GS-04 evaluation level; or effective consummation of an entire 4-year course of concentrate prompting a four year college education (a) with real examination in ranger service, go the executives, horticulture, or atopic field legitimately identified with the position, or (b) that included in any event 24 semester hours in any blend of courses, for example, ranger service, farming, harvest or plant science, go the executives or preservation, untamed life the board, watershed the board, soil science, normal assets (aside from marine fisheries and oceanography), open air diversion the executives, common or timberland building, or wildland fire science. Close to 6 semester hours in science is respectable; or blends of effectively finished post-secondary school training and experience. The training more likely than not been acquired in a licensed school or college and show the information, aptitudes, and capacities important to take the necessary steps. 


Instances of specific experience are: Filing and recovering records in a dispatching office. Helping with getting ready different maps, plans, aides, investigations, and unique reports for dispatch use; accepting and preparing demands for hardware, work force, and supplies related to wildland fire and crisis occurrences. 

GS-06: One year of particular experience proportional to at any rate the GS-05 evaluation level; or one year of alumni level training in a position-related field of ranger service or normal assets the executives; or blends of alumni level instruction that is legitimately identified with the position and concentrated understanding. The instruction more likely than not been gotten in a licensed school or college. 


Instances of specific experience are: Serving as a dispatcher, getting, filling, and following asset demands for flame and other crisis occurrences; orchestrating ground and air transportation of workforce, supplies, and gear on the side of crisis and venture exercises; gathering, handling and dispersing climate and smoke the board data into PC projects or databases. 

GS-07: One year of specific experience identical to in any event the GS-06 evaluation level; or one year of alumni level training in a position-related field of ranger service or characteristic assets the executives; or blends of alumni level instruction that is straightforwardly identified with the position and concentrated involvement. The instruction more likely than not been acquired in a certify school or college. 

Instances of particular experience are: Determining the fitting staff and asset creation to react to wildland flames or crises, as the circumstance requests; reassigning assets to address evolving needs, for example, in instances of numerous wildland or endorsed fires; organizing flying dispatch tasks (e.g., flying machine capacities and impediments, flight arranging, flying wellbeing) and working as well as coordinating the activity of different dispatch media transmission frameworks. 


Particular Placement Factors 


A base 90 days experience performing on hold (Primary/Rigorous) wildland fire concealment obligations as an individual from a sorted out flame concealment team or equivalent unit that used learning of wildland fire concealment, regulation or control systems and practices under different conditions. This experience, to incorporate, explicit obligations and explicit dates must be archived in your work history/continue. 

Experience alludes to paid and unpaid experience, including humanitarian effort done through National Service programs (e.g., Peace Corps, AmeriCorps) and different associations (e.g., proficient; magnanimous; religious; otherworldly; network, understudy, social). Charitable effort helps assemble basic capabilities, learning, and aptitudes and can give important preparing and experience that makes an interpretation of straightforwardly to paid business. You will get acknowledgment for all passing background, including volunteer involvement. 

Positions might be filled as profession stepping stools or could be filled at the full execution level ward upon the individual units needs. On the off chance that you are chosen for a situation with further advancement potential, you will be put under a profession improvement plan, and might be non aggressively advanced on the off chance that you effectively complete the necessities and whenever suggested by the executives. B