Public Safety Dispatcher

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Bakersfield, CA, USA
Aug 20, 2019

Client Name

Bakersfield College


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Posting Date 


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Beginning Screening Date 


Open Until Filled 


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Work Week 

40 hours out of each week, year position 

Least Salary: 

$2,746.15 every month 

Most extreme Salary: 

$3,880.23 every month 





The Kern Community College Our focused advantages bundle incorporates restorative, dental, and vision protection; extra security inclusion; long haul handicap protection, and a worker help program (EAP). 

What's more, representatives have the alternative to buy: 

Flex 125 

AFLAC Policy 

Supplemental deliberate disaster protection 

403b Tax Shelter Annuity 

All inclusions start on the principal day of the month following the contract date. Representatives are secured under the California Public Employees Retirement System (CalPERS) and are vested 100% following five years of full time administration. 


Bakersfield College 


BC-Main Campus 

Fundamental Function 



Fundamental FUNCTION: 


Under the heading of an appointed boss, give dispatching administrations by means of a dispatch radio framework to the Public Safety Officers in the field, Cadets, Parking Enforcement Officers, and Disabled Student Programs and Services truck administration. Procedure office approaching calls, answer questions relating to references, reference requests, reports, and stopping grants. Give normal and secret administrative administrations to the division; give data to understudies, staff, workforce, and open. 




This position is the essential purpose of contact for the Bakersfield College grounds for any crisis to life or property. Autonomously in charge of deciding the degree of crisis reaction and organizing grounds staff reaction. The Public Safety Dispatcher is relied upon to work self-rulingly, yet is under the general supervision of the Chief of Public Safety. The Dispatcher utilizes judgment and as often as possible works under significant weight brought about by crisis conditions which they are relied upon to survey, organize rapidly, and settle on choices right away. 




Agent DUTIES: 


Work the grounds phone framework, including any incorporated Telecommunications Device for the Deaf (TDD) frameworks. 

As per Federal Communications Commission guidelines, standard open security dispatching rules, and school office strategies and methods, impart by two-route radio with open wellbeing officials, cadets, stopping implementation officials, another shared guide as required, and different grounds offices. Transfer and arrange data and offer help to all handle units. 

Organize and arrange open wellbeing officials, cadets, and another common guide as required using a PC supported dispatch (CAD) framework to keep itemized records of calls got, units dispatched, and office started the action. 

Straightforwardly in charge of settling on fast choices organizing approaching calls. 

Get all crisis approaches grounds; land-line and remote crisis lines and lifts. 

Perceive, comprehend and assess crisis/critical circumstances and rapidly transfer data as got to help with planning a reaction with open wellbeing officials, grounds divisions, and another shared guide as required. 

Keep up enthusiastic poise and secrecy. Use carefulness when talking to guests during the crisis and non-crisis episodes. 

React to different grounds of camera and alert frameworks. 

Enter, read, translate, question and hand-off data got from the CAD framework and different databases to officials in the field, as per the College and office strategies and techniques. 

Exercise appropriate judgment in crisis circumstances for which set up methodology may not exist. 

- Provide open data and headings with respect to departmental strategies and works on including however not restricted to mentioning open security reports, documenting honors and grievances against departmental representatives, ride-a-yearns, and different administrations gave. 

Screens the grounds access control framework (control bolting and opening of entryways as taught or as important) and surveillance camera framework. 

Produce a Daily Crime Log for the general population to audit per the Clery Act. Update different references, land list, caution information base data. 

Perform instructive inquiries in the CAD System and other automated information bases for officials in the field and interior handling. 

Different obligations as doled out 



Instruction and Experience 



Instruction AND EXPERIENCE: 


Any mix comparable to graduation from secondary school and one year of involvement in dispatching 





A legitimate California Class C driver's permit, which must be kept up all through work in this class, is required at time of arrangement, or the capacity to organize essential and auspicious, solid transportation for field travel 

Up-and-comers must have a present California Peace Officers Standards Training (POST) Entry Level Test/T-Score of 42% or better (OR) one-year involvement in dispatching work including the activity of radio interchanges hardware and capacity to get POST Certificate inside one year of business. 

Note: Degrees and credits must be from authorizing organizations (Title V Section 53406). Any degree from a nation other than the United States, including Canada and Great Britain, must be assessed by an assessment administration. 

Note: The screening of up-and-comers will be led by a screening advisory group. The screening council maintains all authority to restrict the number of meetings allowed. Meeting the base capabilities for a position does not guarantee the candidate of an interview._ 



Information and Abilities 



Information OF: 

  1. PC activity and use 
  2. Phone, office, two-way radios, and online decorum 
  3. School client administration destinations and procedures. 



Capacity TO: 


Capacity to peruse, decipher, and hand-off data got from the CAD framework to officials in the field in a succinct intelligent configuration, and utilize the essential radio code; have the capacity to utilize a radio framework by ready affirmation and apply the FCC guidelines with all transmissions; have exhaustive information or capacity to gain proficiency with all parts of the activity and methodology of the Public Safety Department, and normal practices of Police, Fire Departments, EMS, grounds crisis readiness convention just as recognition with Criminal and Civil Law, College Regulations, Vehicle Code and Municipal Ordinances, school reference handling framework, reference bid procedure, and understudy set of accepted rules process. 

Capacity to keep up magnificent focus, play out various undertakings at the same time while working with various intrusions and clamor. 

Capacity to work freely, utilize trustworthiness and rapidly settle on choices dependent on accessible data. 

Candidates must have amazing verbal and composed aptitudes, the capacity to utilize PC gadgets, crisis responder radio frameworks, phones, and alert and surveillance camera observing frameworks. 

Type at a speed of at least 40 words for every moment and present an official composing authentication that meets or surpasses 40 words for every moment. 

Capacity to learn, decipher and apply the arrangements and systems of the division and region. 

Pay Grade 


Exceptional Instructions to Applicants 



First Review of Applications: 

Complete application bundles will be acknowledged until the position is filled; however, those gotten by 5:00 p.m. (Pacific Standard Time) on July 15, 2019, are guaranteed thought. The College claims all authority to broaden time limits or reinitiate the enrollment/determination process anytime. 



Finished application parcel must include: 


  • Finishe