The Job Holder
Fortuna, CA, USA
Aug 21, 2019

Client Name

United States Postal Service


US Postal Service 

Outer Publication for Job Posting 10343582 

On the off chance that this activity requires capability on an assessment, the number of candidates who will be welcome to take or retake the assessment might be restricted. 


San Francisco District 

Employment Posting Period 

08/20/2019 - 08/25/2019 



This activity has a test necessity. At present, candidates for this posting who don't yet have a test score are being welcome to take the test. Looking freely proceed until the limit has been come to. 



Occupation Title 



Office Location 


699 13TH ST 

FORTUNA, CA 95540-9998 

Position Information 


FLSA Designation: Non-Exempt 

Occupation Code: 2325-07XX 

Non-Scheduled Days: Varies 

Hours: Varies 

RCAs must be accessible to take a shot at an as-required premise. 

DRIVING REQUIRED: Applicants must have a legitimate express driver's permit, a sheltered driving record, and at any rate two years of unaided experience driving traveler autos or bigger. The driving probably occurred in the U.S. or on the other hand its assets or on the other hand domains or in U.S. army bases around the world. 

*A individual vehicle reasonable for use might be required for this position* 





This is a non-profession position, which may prompt a lifelong position. RCAs are quickly qualified to join up with the USPS Health 

Advantages Plan with a Postal Service premium commitment. Subsequent to finishing one year without a break in the administration of more than 5 

days, RCAs may likewise be qualified for: medical coverage under the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program (FEHB); dental 

what's more, vision protection through the Federal Employees Dental and Vision Insurance Program (FEDVIP); adaptable spending 

records program through FSAFEDS and long haul care protection through the Federal Long Term Care Insurance Program 

(FLTCIP). May get Wounded Warrior leave gave qualification criteria are met. 

Pay RANGE: $17.78 every hour paid fortnightly 

Money NUMBER: 52832 



Historical verification 


The Inspection Service criminal historical verification is directed utilizing United States data assets just (e.g., FBI 

unique finger impression check, state, and province checks). A criminal historical verification includes a 5-year request for any area where the individual has dwelled, worked or gone to class inside the United States or its regions. Because of this confinement, 

the criminal personal investigations of people who have not lived in the United States or its regions for the previous 

5-years may not be viewed as complete. The Inspection Service might almost certainly process request for U.S. Natives as it were, 

be that as it may, just if their time spent out of the nation was spent as a trailing companion or ward of somebody working for the U.S. 

government (military or non-military personnel), a minister, an understudy going to class in a remote nation, a Peace Corps member, or as a representative of a U.S.- based business/organization. In the event that the Inspection Service can't play out a total foundation check due to residency outside the United States, such people will be ineligible for Postal business. 

Useful Purpose 

Cases convey, and gathers mail along an endorsed rustic course utilizing a vehicle; furnishes clients on the course with an assortment of administrations. 





1. Sorts mail in conveyance succession for the doled out course. 

2. Gets and signs for responsible mail. 

3. Burdens mail in vehicle. 

4. Conveys mail to clients along a recommended course and on an ordinary calendar by a vehicle; gathers monies and receipts for responsible mail; gets mail from clients' roadside boxes. 

5. Sells stamps, stepped paper and cash orders; acknowledges C.O.D., enlisted, ensured, and safeguarded mail and bundle post; 

outfits routine data concerning postal issues and gives mentioned structures to the client. 

6. Returns mail gathered, undeliverable mail, and submits monies and receipts to post office. 

7. Gets ready mail for sending AMD keeps up records of the progress of location data. 

8. Readies an everyday outing report and keeps up a rundown of the clients on the course. 

9. Behaviors exceptional reviews when required. 

10. Keeps up a stock of stamps and stepped paper as expected to give administration to clients on the course. 

11. Accommodates mail security consistently. 

Country Carrier Associates are non-profession workers who give clients along a rustic highway an assortment of administrations including conveying and gathering mail and selling stamps, supplies and cash orders. Attractive competitors might be required to have a vehicle reasonable for use and live inside the simple driving separation of the office area. 

The activity is physically requesting. Work is performed inside and outside in a wide range of climate. Bearers might be required to stack and empty plate and holders of mail and packages weighing as much as 70 pounds. Work is accessible normally on 

Saturdays, at that point on an as-required premise, to cover the nonattendance of the bearer. 





Director, Customer Services; Supervisor, Customer Services; or Postmaster 

The United States Postal Service has the accompanying superb and testing work the open door for exceptionally energetic what's more, imaginative people. Effective applicants must exhibit through a blend of instruction, preparing, and 



experience the accompanying prerequisites: 


  • 1. Report DATE: March 16, 2019 
  • Capacity 
  • Cases convey and gather mail along an endorsed provincial course utilizing a vehicle; furnishes clients on the course with an assortment of administrations. 
  • Depiction OF WORK 
  • See the Standard Position Description for the Occupation Code given above. 
  • Prerequisites 
  • There are no independently assessed learning, expertise, or capacity necessities for this position. 
  • Assessment REQUIREMENTS 
  • Candidates should effectively finish the Virtual Entry Assessment – MC (474). 
  • People who qualify and are chosen under this standard will be required to finish recommended preparing palatable to illustrate, through testing as well as down to earth show, ownership of information, aptitudes, and capacities (KSAs) required for the activity. The inability to show any KSA is excluding. KSAs incorporate Postal Service driving arrangements, safe driving practices, 
  • what's more, abilities related to explicit occupation obligations. 





Candidates must be physically ready to productively play out the obligations of this position, which require challenging effort including drawn outstanding, strolling, twisting and coming to, and may include taking care of substantial holders of mail weighing up to the permissible most extreme mailing weight. 





Rustic Carriers are required to give administration to people in general. They should keep up a slick and expert appearance and the manner in such cooperations. 

Candidates must have a legitimate express driver's permit and exhibit and keep up a protected driving record. 

Qualified candidates should effectively pass a pre-business medication screening to meet the U.S. Postal Service's necessity to be without medication. Candidates should likewise be a U.S. native or have perpetual occupant outsider status. 

Qualified candidates should effectively pass a pre-work medication screening to meet the U.S. Postal Service's prerequisite to be sans medic