Performance Analyst

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Burlingame, CA, USA
Aug 21, 2019

Client Name

City Brasil


Areas: Singapura, Central Singapore Community Development Council 

Employment Function: Operations - Transaction Services 

Worker Status: Regular 

Employment ID: 19033519 


The Fund Accounting Intermediate Analyst is a middle of the road level position in charge of taking an interest in an assortment of store valuation exercises as a team with the Operations - Transaction Services group. The general target of this job is to aid the figuring of day by day and occasional Net Asset Valuations (NAVs) for assets and the appropriation of related unit costs. 




  • Screen the work exercises to guarantee practicality and precision of the assets exercises in an office, including figuring of NAV and dispersion factors 
  • Procedure day by day work in an opportune and exact way just as go about as a heightening point for inquiries and research 
  • Audit partner work and give signoff to complex exchanges or touchy customers 
  • Help with creating preparing materials and preparing workers, and go about as heightening point for inquiries and research 
  • Guarantee strategies and controls are pursued and the honesty of the information handling condition is kept up 
  • Backing and supervise generally speaking misrepresentation quality control both money related and non-fiscal 
  • Help chief in distinguishing requirement for and executing procedural changes, aid BAU organization of the group, and go about as reinforcement for administrator 
  • Fittingly evaluate hazard when business choices are made, exhibiting specific thought for the company's notoriety and protecting Citigroup, its customers and resources, by driving consistency with appropriate laws, guidelines and guidelines, holding fast to Policy, applying sound moral judgment in regards to individual conduct, lead and strategic policies, and heightening, overseeing and detailing control issues with straightforwardness. 




  • 2-5 years of pertinent experience 
  • Contracted Accountant/CFA/MBA 
  • Involvement in bookkeeping, fund, or business-related territory 
  • Involvement in store organization, change the board and additionally venture the executives 
  • Shown Subject Matter Expert (SME) learning in the related region 
  • Reliably shows clear and compact composed and verbal correspondence 




Four-year certification/University degree or equal understanding 

Evaluation: All Job Level - All Job FunctionsAll Job Level - All Job Functions - SG 

Time Type:  Full time