Customer Service Representative I

The Job Holder
Cypress, CA, USA
Aug 21, 2019

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In charge of noting approaching calls from purchasers and suppliers on qualification, advantages, grumblings and clarifying social wellbeing framework forms. Obligations additionally incorporate the organization of admission referrals. 


Answer inbound calls from shoppers, relatives, supplier network and other state organizations to check qualification status, advantages, grumblings and clarifying social wellbeing framework forms. 


  1. Record bring in up to 4 PC frameworks 
  2. Make outbound calls to organize care between customers, suppliers, drug stores and administrative offices 
  3. Help Back different divisions with information section for enlistments, statistic refreshes, an effort to suppliers for the Severe Mental Illness (SMI) office, protest log tidy up and Urgent Medication enlistments 
  4. In charge of writing about Customer Statistics and Pharmacy call volume 
  5. Track grumblings, supplier referrals, supplier preparing needs, examples of overcoming adversity and training finished 





Training/Experience: High school confirmation or equal. 1+ long stretches of related understanding ideally in oversaw care or protection industry.