Budget Technician

The Job Holder
Fresno, CA, USA
Aug 21, 2019

Client Name

State Center Community College District


Spending Technician 


$52,329.00 - $64,357.00 Annually 


Districtwide, CA 

Occupation Type 



FCC Counseling and Student Services 

Occupation Number 



9/11/2019 11:59 PM Pacific 

Broadly useful 


Under general supervision, plays out an assortment of capable specialized and managerial obligations in the organization and observing of general store, downright and award subsidized spending plans for projects and administrations; screens and confirms uses; gets ready and procedures an assortment of bookkeeping structures and different archives; outlines information and gets ready reports; and performs related obligations as relegated. 



Basic Duties and Responsibilities 


The obligations recorded beneath are planned distinctly as delineations of the different sorts of work that might be performed. The exclusion of explicit proclamations of obligations does not prohibit them from the position if the work is comparative, related or a sensible task to this class. 

Helps or takes an interest in creating and checking spending plans for single-and multi-year clear cut and award supported projects; audits Labor Distribution Reports to confirm and compute finance and advantage costs; checks the admissibility of arranged program uses; guarantees prerequisites for coordinating and in-kind assets are anticipated; runs general spending reports through spreadsheets and budgetary frameworks and ascertains spending plans dependent on financial cycles for District and subsidizing sources; surveys any issues and worries with program administrators to guarantee goals. 

Makes consumption estimates; keeps up discrete spending plan and cost following projects to screen uses for different financing sources; screens encumbrances and uses and computes award spending utilization and store rates; confirms month to month Labor Distribution Reports and makes a move to address any errors; accommodates uses with the general record; guarantees costs are presented on the right spending numbers; investigates and gets ready spending plan and use changes and moves to address disparities and submits for director endorsement. 

Plans and procedures for endorsement buy demands, buy requests and check demands, guaranteeing exactness and consistency with financing source and District strategies and techniques; confirms the precision of conveyance receipts and solicitations and courses for mark; assembles required documentation; courses solicitations for installment; get ready and procedures cost-related structures including travel and meeting demands, demands for repayment, mileage structures and cost reports, guaranteeing exactness and consistency with District approaches and methodology; accommodates financial records. 

Plans or helps with planning and submitting for survey quarterly and yearly budgetary reports for state and government awards, following built up strategies; audits subsidizing organization revealing prerequisites and works with staff and award screens to check the suitability of uses; with endorsement, designs award information for section into required detailing databases or charging frameworks. 

Gives authoritative help to concede financed programs; gets ready and procedures new contract and finance structures and archives; investigates and acquires key information and insights from fluctuating hotspots for award reports and different records; moves information from District frameworks and projects into award subsidizing office detailing frameworks; finishes required structures and alters and arrangements proposition and restoration records; controls award information to fit required configurations; looks into and information enters required award information and measurements into subsidizing organization information accumulation frameworks. 

Keeps up records and reinforcement documentation, for example, time distribution worksheets in anticipation of review; helps with keeping up a benefit stock including any gear or different things obtained utilizing award reserves. 

Exhibits affectability to and comprehension of truly minoritized gatherings and takes an interest in expert improvement exercises to increment social competency to upgrade value disapproved of practices inside the District. 



Different DUTIES 


Screens extra workforce hours for projects to guarantee load prerequisites are not surpassed per bartering unit arrangements; screens work hours for different representatives as essential. 

Gets ready routine drafts of agreements and MOUs for merchants conveying project administrations. 

Performs general authoritative and administrative help obligations as required. 

Performs related obligations as allocated. 

Work Standards/Minimum Qualifications 




Learning of: 


Area strategies, techniques, and works on overseeing the planning, obtaining, creditor liabilities preparing, money dealing with and receipting and related monetary exchanges. 

Paraprofessional bookkeeping techniques and practices. 

Business math. 

Use and activity of appropriate modules of the District's endeavor bookkeeping and fund frameworks. 

State and government laws and guidelines relevant to the application for and organization of awards and completely subsidized projects for an assortment of projects and capacities. 

A general comprehension of wellsprings of data identifying with necessities for the organization of award and clear cut projects, for example, Title V, Education Department General Administrative Regulations (EDGAR) and 2 CFR 200. 

Client administration practices and behavior. 

Standards and practices of sound business correspondence including English use, spelling, language structure, and accentuation. 

Office practices, methods, and gear including proper programming applications. 



Aptitudes and Abilities to: 


Peruse, comprehend, decipher and apply state and government necessities and rules for the advancement of program spending plans and organization of award and completely subsidized projects, especially concerning the admissibility of uses. 

Make profoundly point by point correlations, counts and organizations of money related information and survey bookkeeping and related records precisely and with high tender loving care. 

Complete work freely, guaranteeing a high level of precision. 

Sort out, set needs and exercise sound judgment inside set up rules. 

Translate, apply and clarify rules, guidelines, strategies, and techniques and apply them in an assortment of procedural circumstances. 

Work a PC utilizing spreadsheets and another standard business programming; work other standard office hardware. 

Keep up an assortment of monetary records and documents. 

Keep up the secrecy of archives and records. 

Adequately connect with and support generally minoritized bunches by tending to issues of value and improving socially responsive administration situated practices. 

Impart adequately, both orally and recorded as a hard copy. 

Comprehend and adhere to composed and oral directions. 

Work a PC and utilize standard business programming. 

Build up and keep up viable working associations with each one of those experienced throughout work. 





Graduation from secondary school or GED equal enhanced by school coursework in bookkeeping, and in any event three years of dynamically dependable experience performing money related or factual recordkeeping, paraprofessional bookkeeping or accounting; or a comparable mix of preparing and experience. 

Consummation of sixty school units incorporating fifteen units in bookkeeping OR a partner degree in bookkeeping, business or a related field is liked. 


A substantial California driver's permit and the capacity to keep up insurability under the District's vehicle protection program. 





The physical and mental requests portrayed here are illustrative of those that must be met by workers to effectively play out the fundamental elements of this class. Sensible facilities might be made to empower people with the inabilities to play out their basic capacities. 

Physical Demands 

While playing out the obligations of this class, representatives are normally required to sit; talk or hear, both face to face and by phone; use hands dully to finger, handle, feel or work PCs and standard office hardware; and reach with hands and arms. A worker is oftentimes required to stand and walk, and l