Enterprise Account Executive

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Redwood City, CA, USA
Aug 21, 2019

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In the $12T development industry, 98% of activities are conveyed, by and large, 80% over spending plan. Doxel is set to preventing that from occurring. 


Main driver? Failure to gauge site advance in a target, dependable and visit way. Development directors are as often as possible shocked to find that their multi-million dollar activities have been running behind for half a month or months. By that point, the cash has just been spent and it's past the point where it is possible to fix the issue. 





  • Doxel utilizes robots to review locales consistently, restrictive profound learning and AI-based calculations to survey advancement and transform the terabytes of information it gathers into basic bits of knowledge for undertaking supervisors that empower them to respond to issues in minutes, not months. This empowers them to continually address site wasteful aspects and has shown RoI of wiping out overages totally and notwithstanding conveying undertakings up to 11% beneath spending plan. 
  • Doxel has overwhelmed the market since it's dispatch a year ago - making it all work out with marquee clients, for example, Kaiser Permanente, Sutter Health and the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art. 
  • Group 
  • Doxel's group comprises of probably the most splendid personalities in Silicon Valley that incorporate PhDs, engineers, business pioneers and structural building experts on the Forbes 30 Under 30 rundown, moves on from Stanford University and with involvement with associations, for example, Google Advanced Technologies and Projects. 
  • Doxel is upheld by Andreessen Horowitz - an acclaimed financial specialist that likewise supported Facebook, Coinbase, Slack, Airbnb, Github and Lyft. 



The Role 


  • Endeavor Account Executives at Doxel build up a surprisingly wide scope of abilities - from prospecting, discovering champions, making spending details that don't yet exist, chasing down spending plans that do exist and having them re-assigned, exploring complex acquirement procedures and shutting six to seven-figure bargains. 
  • This profoundly noticeable job will interface regularly with customers, senior-level business pioneers, accomplices, item supervisors, innovation chiefs, statistical surveying groups and the CEO who's a salesman himself. 
  • You will have a sharp sense for the start to finish understanding, laser-sharp center around the item esteem, capacity to pitch an item, yet a dream for another classification. This individual will be required to impart educated thoughts rapidly and freshly, and join forces with different business and customer administrations gatherings, item and configuration groups and innovation offices to effectively guide and follow up on those thoughts. 
  • Deals faculty likewise impact the item since we are twisted about client input. Specialists and item administrators frequently look to Sales to enable them to find new needs, adjust existing contributions and change bundling. This requires our Enterprise Account Executives to put their item cap on and at times work with item chiefs to discover shared belief between what's conceivable and what clients are happy to pay an excessively high price for. 
  • This individual will require solid compelling aptitudes, high EQ to have the option to peruse a room and recognize champions, spoilers, influencers and nonpartisan gatherings, profound comprehension of the present condition of arrangements in this industry and self-evident capacity to counter-position against conceivably focused items. An essential for this job is sensational correspondence and enunciation abilities and capacity to persuade numerous customer side business works that what they are selling is the method for what's to come. Simply, this individual will be an operator of progress in the business - reluctant to acknowledge the norm and savagely energetic about Doxel's perspective on how the world ought to be. 





  1. Create and keep up deals insurance - incentive pitch decks, RoI cheat sheets, counter situating fight cards 
  2. Prospect, pitch, counter position, discover spending plan, recognize champions and explore the acquisition procedure 
  3. Draw in fortifications when vital - item chiefs, CTO and CEO 
  4. Work with Sales Engineers to create proposition for customers - considering in your one of a kind view on their needs, course of events and Key Performance Indicators for progress. 1:1 proportion of Enterprise AE to SE. 
  5. Add to item with your one of a kind introduction to countless clients 
  6. Utilize solid measurable abilities and comprehension of business results and key drivers to characterize the KPIs clients ought to take a gander at 





  • 7+ long periods of Enterprise AE experience 
  • Obvious (through genuine information) history of finalizing enormous negotiations at Fortune 500 organizations 
  • Capacity to recognize champions and spending plans in our class characterizing exertion where the playbook is as yet being composed 
  • Willing to consider new ideas and push limits on item 
  • Willing to confide in your gut and go for broke 
  • High uprightness in imparting the present condition of an arrangement 
  • Capacity to distinguish vital activities inside an endeavor in order to adjust our item and make or re-designate spending plans 
  • Magnificent correspondence, compelling and introduction aptitudes at senior administration levels; perception abilities and the capacity to briefly express ideas and thoughts in a straightforward manner 
  • Capacity to work together crosswise over useful groups at different degrees of the association 
  • Capacity to explore complex individuals elements and legislative issues on the customer side 



Why Doxel? 


  • We chip away at profoundly specialized, earth-shattering building work 
  • For an organization like that, we are one of a kind by the way we esteem deals - considering it to be a basic piece of our association, however our item itself like to believe we're more aggressive and sympathetic than most others - Muhammad Ali, Ayrton Senna and Vince Lombardi are our objects of worship. 
  • Furiously aggressive, steadily empathetic 
  • We're savage with input - scholarly genuineness and radical straightforwardness are center precepts at our organization. 
  • We find that the trust created in such culture far exceeds all else 
  • We think income is a trailing pointer of progress - driving markers are seeing our kin improve at what they do 
  • Over standard advantages bundle (medicinal, dental, vision, 401k, and so forth) we give tidbits, beverages, and free snacks in our office 
  • We put stock in sharing Doxel achievement as value which is a piece of the pay for all representatives 


Doxel is an equivalent open door boss and effectively looks for assorted variety at our organization. We don't segregate based on race, religion, shading, national starting point, sex, sexual direction, age, conjugal status, veteran status, or handicap status.