Cardiac Monitor Tech, 7p-7:30a

The Job Holder
Johns Creek, GA, USA
Aug 23, 2019

Client Name

Emory Healthcare


Watches deciphers and records the telemetry chronicles for observed patients. May screen cautions where relevant. Conveys and applies telemetry boxes to patients. Guarantees the right patient is being observed. 

Reports noteworthy perceptions of cardiovascular rhythms and other alarm information to the human services group. Imparts relevant data to patients as essential. Produces exact and complete documentation. Agrees to handoff correspondence process. 

Performs other related obligations as required. Least QUALIFICATIONS: A secondary school certificate or proportionate. Guaranteed mood examiner professional (CRAT) liked. Fruitful fulfillment of an endorsed arrhythmia course liked or effectively passing an arrhythmia test on contract. 



(Medium-Heavy) 36-75 lbs, 0-33% of the workday (every so often); 20-35 lbs, 34-66% of the workday; (much of the time); 10-20 lbs, 67-100% of the workday (continually); Lifting 75 lbs max; Carrying of articles up to 35 lbs; Occasional to successive standing and strolling; Occasional sitting; Close eye work (PCs, composing, perusing, composing); Physical requests may fluctuate contingent upon doled out work territory and work errands. Natural FACTORS: Factors influencing condition conditions may shift contingent upon the doled out work region and errands. Ecological exposures incorporate, yet are not constrained to: Blood-borne pathogen presentation; Bio-dangerous waste Chemicals/gases/exhaust/vapors; Communicable ailments; Electrical stun; Floor Surfaces; Hot/Cold Temperatures; Indoor/Outdoor conditions; Latex; Lighting; Patient consideration/dealing with wounds; Radiation; Shift work; Travel might be required; Use of individual defensive hardware, including respirators; natural conditions may change contingent upon appointed work territory and work undertakings.