Warehouse Order Picker- Cherry Picker

The Job Holder
Rialto, CA, USA
Aug 24, 2019

Client Name

Living Spaces


Current Living Spaces Employees: Please apply through your interior Workday Account. 


Living Spaces is a developing home outfitting brand and we keep on opening new areas. We know so as to remain current with the occasions and patterns, we need to interminably refresh our look and determination. What has genuinely continued our development — from 1 to more than 20 areas, from 100 workers to more than 2,000, from a modest home goods store to a generally perceived and regarded way of life brand — are the skilled people who have taken us there. We are searching for creative, driven, and energetic experts to join our group so we can reach significantly more noteworthy statures together. 


We accept that an incredible colleague experience prompts a far and away superior visitor experience. That is the reason we place a tremendous accentuation on structure an extraordinary culture inside our groups. Our optimal competitor will have the normal ability: which means, they have the limit and duty, alongside a receptiveness to being trained around aptitudes that will guarantee they charm and surpass the desires for our visitors in every aspect of Living Spaces business. We additionally have confidence in our colleagues taking responsibility for execution and how that adds to the general achievement of their job. 



Position Summary 


Rundown: The request picker is in charge of taking care of the client arranges and conveying them to the conveyance dock in a way that fulfills organization guidelines for wellbeing, security, and profitability. Effectively pick client orders for shipment, guaranteeing that the right number and sort of item is stacked and transported. Guarantee inbound and outbound shipments are precise and free of harm. 



Position Description 


  • Works forklift in and around the distribution center 
  • Pulls item from the distribution center for shipment to the stores 
  • Productively pick client orders 
  • Guarantees inbound item and moves got are put away in assigned rack regions 
  • In charge of examining stock preceding moving it to an alternate area 
  • Positions item on racking framework 
  • Conveyor transports requests to the dock with material taking care of hardware 
  • Ready to work radio recurrence gear 
  • Behaviors activities in consistence with OSHA gauges 
  • Behaviors activities in a way that advances security 
  • Guarantees that the right number and sort of item is stacked and transported 
  • In charge of the fulfillment and rightness of all requests filled 
  • Investigates and 
  • performs minor upkeep on the hardware 
  • Keeps up a perfect free from flotsam and jetsam stockroom floor 
  • Satisfy organization guidelines for profitability 






To play out the activity effectively, an individual ought to exhibit the accompanying skills: 

Information - .Effective memory aptitudes, great dexterity, trustworthiness, capacity to pursue bearings and a solid eagerness to learn. 

Mental Effort – Above normal focus, better than expected memory; thinking about the measure of duty and item, better than expected time weight and basic leadership 

Correspondence - Speaks obviously and influentially in positive or negative circumstances; tunes in and gets an explanation; partakes in gatherings. Composes plainly and instructively. 

Cooperation - Balances group and individual duties; shows objectivity and receptiveness to others' perspectives; gives and invites input; adds to building a positive camaraderie; puts 

achievement of group over claim interests; ready to construct resolve and gathering duties to objectives and goals; bolsters everybody's endeavors to succeed; perceives achievements of other colleagues. 

The assorted variety and Ethics - Demonstrates information of EEO approach; indicates regard and affectability for social contrasts; advances a badgering free condition; approaches individuals with deference; keeps responsibilities; motivates the trust of others; works with uprightness and morally; maintains hierarchical qualities. 

Steadfastness - Follows guidelines, reacts to the executives bearing; assumes liability for claim activities; resolves to extended periods of time of work when important to arrive at objectives; finishes undertakings on schedule or tells suitable individual with a substitute arrangement; is reliably at work and on schedule; guarantees work obligations are secured when missing; touches base at gatherings and arrangements on schedule; pursues strategies and systems; finishes managerial 

assignments accurately and on schedule. 

Activity - Volunteers promptly; attempts self-advancement exercises. 

Polished methodology - Approaches others in a prudent way; responds well under strain; approaches others with deference and thought to pay little mind to their status or position; acknowledges duty regarding own activities; finishes on responsibilities. 

Authoritative Support - Follows strategies and systems; finishes regulatory errands accurately and on schedule; bolsters association's objectives and qualities. 

Versatility - Adapts to changes in the workplace; ready to manage successive change, delays, or startling occasions. 

Participation/Punctuality - This is reliably at work and on schedule; guarantees work obligations are secured when missing; touches base at gatherings and arrangements on schedule. 



Equivalent Opportunity Employer 


It is our approach to keep all government, state, and neighborhood laws disallowing work separation dependent on an individual's race, shading, religious ideology, sex, national starting point, family line, citizenship status, pregnancy, physical inability, mental incapacity, age, military status, or status as a Vietnam-time or uncommon crippled veteran, conjugal status, enlisted residential accomplice or common association status, sex (counting sex stereotyping and sex personality or articulation), ailment (counting yet not restricted to, disease-related or HIV/AIDS-related), sexual direction, or some other secured status with the exception of where a sensible, real word related capability exists.