WIT- Receiving Clerk - replacement

The Job Holder
Valencia, Santa Clarita, CA, USA
Aug 24, 2019

Client Name

AMS Fulfillment


Rundown: Responsible for Receiving all bundle and supply shipments. Checking, arranging, and gauging every single inbound shipment and confirming the receipt of the equivalent as per the strategies and methodology of AMS and its customers. 



Getting DUTIES: 


  1. Check and review approaching package and supplies 
  2. The information section of receipts, changes, and moves 
  3. Exact recording of archives 
  4. Speak with truck drivers 
  5. Speak with Client Services 
  6. Appropriately scattering shipments to address beneficiaries 





  1. Least one year experience 
  2. Extraordinary tender loving care 
  3. Critical thinking aptitudes 
  4. English communicating in, Spanish an or more yet not an unquestionable requirement 
  5. Composed and verbal relational abilities an unquestionable requirement 
  6. Must be PC educated 
  7. InOrder framework information is liked