Busser at mister parker's

The Job Holder
Palm Springs, CA, USA
Aug 24, 2019

Client Name

Parker Palm Springs




  • Fill the ice container, fill water pitchers and get ready ice-tea. 
  • Clean flatware and glasses 
  • Clear tables (dishes, glasses just as flatware) 
  • Wipe down tables and seats at whatever point essential 
  • Set up tables 
  • Get ready line for running sustenance 
  • Set up the espresso station (granulating customary and decaf espresso) 
  • Restock the administration stations with perfect, cleaned cutlery, cleaned dish sets, espresso cups and saucers 
  • Accept the grimy dishes just as a plate to the dish wash for everyday wash 
  • Clear and clean the bread, espresso and different stations 
  • Serving water and different drinks at whatever point vital 1 
  • Assisting the server consistently, with carrying out a very expert administration 
  • Different undertakings as required