AE_Seasonal Service Delivery Consultant_ Pod 119

The Job Holder
Morrow, GA, USA
Aug 24, 2019

Client Name

Chime Solutions


Enabling a Winning Culture 

"Our main goal is to make a grassroots organization, where our partners are enabled to consistently act in light of a legitimate concern for our customers, share thoughts and make particular client encounters in the interest of our customers. We are achieving this objective by drawing in individuals with positive dispositions, incredible relational abilities, and an eagerness to learn and develop in a fun, innovative culture." 

Imprint Wilson, Chime Founder, and CEO 





Position Summary: The Service Delivery Consultant (Customer Service Representative) is in charge of noting and taking care of inbound/outbound calls. The Customer Service Representative is responsible for responding to all worries and questions while giving astounding client administration. The Customer Service Representative will be in charge of giving proficient, educated, accommodating, respectful, and responsive client administration to guarantee the part gets incredible client-centered telephone utility. 



Position Requirements: 


Help clients with a wide assortment of inquiries by means of data got to through the PC. 

Survey representative records and answer addresses dependent on built-up approaches and strategies. 

Keep up current learning of allocated undertaking's projects and administrations through on-going study hall and PC based preparing. 

Have the capacity to investigate complex issues with little direction 

Have a high level of tack, strategy and polished methodology when managing a wide range of clients 

Have the capacity to work under strain in a call focus condition 

Have uncommon conversational and critical thinking aptitudes 

Capacity to perform multiple tasks 

Have the capacity to decode and verbalize the client point of view so the client's needs and concerns are precisely and compassionately tended to 

Great relational and phone relational abilities 

Play out extra assignments as coordinated 





Basic abilities and experience 

Higher education or Junior College degree notwithstanding 1-year full-time client administration related involvement in budgetary administrations and additionally social insurance industry liked. 

Secondary School recognition or equivalency and 1-year client administration related involvement in monetary administrations as well as the social insurance industry. 

Capacity to perform multiple tasks (talk and type simultaneously) and utilize numerous applications. 

Fantastic relational, verbal, composed and listening relational abilities. 

Capable utilization of the Microsoft Suite, Windows applications and Lotus Notes while concentrating on performing various tasks utilizing a few windows applications on the double while helping clients. 

Capacity to give extraordinary client administration while guaranteeing that the client's questions, issues, and concerns have been fulfilled. 

PC educated with the capacity to learn client administration programming applications. 

Capacity to be adaptable, versatile and trustworthy in a domain always updating, and upgrading administration to its clients. 

Adaptability to work determined move and broadened hours as important.