Order Picker/Shipping

The Job Holder
Suwanee, GA, USA
Aug 24, 2019

Client Name

Lawson Products



The General Warehouse position gets and stocks crude and completed merchandise, pulling crude materials for creation, taking care of completed merchandise, pulling branch renewal, and delivery items to other Lawson conveyance focus. A General Warehouse representative may likewise be in charge of Order Association, getting ready client requests and delivering completed products to clients. 





In charge of the development of completed and crude materials in the conveyance focus, dealing with different things including little things, substantial things, and dangerous materials. Handles little and enormous things physically. 

Empties inbound conveyances of materials and supplies arriving every day by means of different modes, for example, FLT, LTC, UPS, and FedEx. Performs a visual review of everything before getting to check receipt of the right item and any potential transportation harm. 

Affirms piece tallies coordinate amounts recorded on the bill of filling, separating unit of measure for the thing. 

Empties and takes care of inbound conveyances of crude materials and supplies. 

Moves materials to the next fitting station (examination, bundling, stockpiling racks and outbound. 

Picks things/items in numerous modules including static containers, merry go rounds, stream rack. Pulls branch recharging orders for dispersion focuses 

Gets ready item for shipment, pressing requests into different size boxes. 

Gets ready slides for outbound shipments to a branch or outside clients. 

Burdens client and branch dissemination focuses shipments as planned onto assigned basic bearer and finishes all required transporting reports. 

Print Shipping names, shipping show, get a ready bill of ladings, item nonconformances and different archives utilized through the stockroom. 

Utilize different gear in performing work. Works from RF gadgets and desk work orders. Works an assortment of modern material taking care of hardware to incorporate forklifts, bed jacks, and slip wrappers. Utilizations required pressing materials including tape machines, dunnage machines, gloves, sacks. Utilizations therapist wrap, box closes, and different pressing systems to bundle things for transportation. 

Performs different capacities as need including however not constrained to returns handling, cycle checks, thing union, physical tallies. 





Secondary School Diploma or GED in addition to two years of stockroom experience, or a proportional mix of instruction and experience. 

Information and experience to securely work all material dealing with powerful hardware, for example, forklift, control walkie, slide wrapper and so on, will prepare as essential 

Fundamental math, English and PC aptitudes 

Partakes in nonstop improvement exercises, for example, Lean and Safety