Inventory Assistant (FT)

The Job Holder
Habersham County, GA, USA
Aug 24, 2019

Client Name

Habersham County Board of Commissioners


This position is in charge of performing authoritative obligations on the side of the armada support office. 



Significant Duties: 


Finishes work requests and tracks all upkeep on province vehicles. 

Goes to buy parts, have parts fixed, and transport vehicles for fix/come back to clients. 

Tracks and keeps up parts stock utilizing Fleetmate. 

Finishes month-end reports for records receivable and different inward and outside clients. 

Gets ready office timesheets and tracks time for office workers utilizing Time Clock Plus. 

Tracks and endorses all p-card buys for armada administrations; gets ready month to month reports for bookkeeping. 

Resolves any issues identified with p-card buys; readies all required documentation for buys when relevant. 

Gets ready motivation demands for region officials. 

Tracks fuel use for district vehicles utilizing Fuelmaster and Veederroot. 

Requests fuel to keep up sufficient levels for district needs; issues fuel keys for new representatives and new vehicles. 

Gets ready required documentation and solicitations buy requests utilizing Smartfusion. 

Readies all solicitations for Director's endorsement; codes, duplicates, and disperses solicitations to bookkeeping after endorsement. 

Records work orders, merchant receipt duplicates, parts documentation, month-end reports, p-card duplicates, mechanics' 

work documentation, and the Environmental Protection Division required documentation. 

Gets parts when conveyed by sellers; stores parts in stockroom or conveys to mechanics; enters stock into Fleetmate framework. 

Creates spreadsheets and different structures to boost time through Excel, Word, and so forth. 

Tracks new vehicles, sold vehicles, and division moves vehicles on the spreadsheet. 

Helps executives with getting cites, setting up new merchants, and finishing on request culmination. 

Performs other related obligations as alloted. 

Least Qualifications: 

Capacity to peruse, compose and perform numerical counts at a level regularly connected with the consummation of secondary school or equal. 

One-year involvement in stock control, buying, invoicing, and bookkeeping rehearses, or any comparable mix of training and experience which gives the base degree of capabilities expressed previously. 

Capable in the utilization of PCs, Microsoft Office, Excel, and stock programming. 

Must have a legitimate Georgia Driver's License. 

The effective up-and-comer must finish a Background/Reference Check, Pre-Employment Drug Screening.