The Job Holder
Canton, OH, USA
Aug 24, 2019

Client Name

Belnick, LLC


Belnick Incorporated is an enormous web furniture retailer situated in Canton, GA. We are right now looking for a full-time experienced forklift/Stock Put-away administrator to take a shot at our 1st.shift. The working hours will be Mon-Fri 8:00 am-5:00 pm- 


Pay for the position is $15.25 every hour 


Belnick workers start to gather paid downtime upon contract. Full-time representatives appreciate 104 hours of paid time off every year. All workers who have been utilized with us for 90 days will get an ANNUAL BONUS! Therapeutic, dental, vision and deliberate protections are likewise accessible after the suitable holding up period. 

As a forklift/Stock Put-away administrator you will be in charge of the development of material through the distribution center. There might be times that you are required to pick, palletize and arrange client orders. 



Fundamental Functions: 


Perusing client orders, work orders, shipping requests or orders to decide things to be moved, accumulated or conveyed and/or sent. 

Moving materials and things from accepting or capacity zones to transportation or to other assigned zones. 

Arranging and putting materials or things on racks 

Filling orders or demands for materials and disperses things to 

shipping or to assigned organizing zone 





Must have 1 year of forklift experience 

Have the option to lift 100 lbs.