eCommerce Fulfillment Specialist

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Union City, CA, USA
Aug 24, 2019

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Web-based business Fulfillment Specialist Role Profile 


Job Purpose: 


The eCommerce Fulfillment Specialist is a cross-utilitarian position prepared in numerous territories of the activity, including inbound handling, request satisfaction, request bundling, and client returns handling. This job's essential duty will be the protected, secure, and precise satisfaction of online client orders. The partner will likewise be broadly educated in an assortment of procedures inside the activity and will be prepared to play out various exercises including the inbound receipt and renewal of unit and case stock, picking orders by means of a handheld RF gadget or manual pick sheet, and designing, pressing and preparing client packages for shipment. Auxiliary exercises and work assignments will incorporate online request return investigation and credit, online request return rescue, stock control, and bundle request burden and shipment. 


Key Accountabilities: 


Request Fulfillment 


  • Effectively pick client requests or shipments with an RF handheld gadget to guarantee that the right number of units and kind of item is picked and prepared fittingly for shipment inside a profoundly robotized pick/pack condition. 
  • Bundle item into sacks, boxes, or totes per client details. 
  • Peruse and scatter data on the item particulars and bundling necessities. 


Inbound Receipt 


  • Proficiently empty, isolate, tally and prep provider and distribution center exchange stock for consistency checks, client characterized pre-receipt checks, and fundamental work station receipt. 
  • RF receipt single-unit thing and different unit thing cases by means of the Warehouse Management System to guarantee precise unit thing tallies, item portrayals, item families and UPCs are caught and checked into stock before setting into computerized sortation. 
  • Physically and foundationally fabricate a set away truck comprising of a single thing, multi-thing, and specific case stock, for example, high worth and marriage, and play out an RF exchange sweep to find everything to a forward pick area. 



Quality Control 


  • Procedure case and unit-level stock in adherence to expressed client Quality Compliance projects and necessities to incorporate checking for right case size, case data, and item type and unit coordinate per advance shipment see (ASN), and log activity things per seller and client consistency programs. 
  • Procedure case and unit-level stock in adherence to expressed client Quality Assurance projects and prerequisites to incorporate checking, logging, understanding for and refreshing client retail groups on errant shipments and stock. 
  • Procedure case and unit-level stock in adherence to the expressed distribution center and client compromise projects and rules. 



Stock Control 


  • Precisely tally and procedure stock by area, unit tally, size, scanner tag, and item type during stock compromise and inbound getting exercises. 
  • Comprehend and use framework screens to screen and move the remaining burdens through the framework. 
  • Confirm legitimate thing is in the first bundling in anticipation of checking. 
  • Aid physical inventories and deal with the exact checking and compromise of the client unit and case stock. 


Returns Processing 


  • Precisely recognize stock so as to pick stock for a client request or issue a client credit during the profits and review process. 
  • Procedure returns, assessing the things for wear and deciding appropriate aura. Lead a quality examination and, whenever resolved to be a sellable unit, repackage, name, and enter once again into stock. On the off chance that the item(s) are not in sellable condition, set up the item for decimation. Requires an intensive comprehension of wellbeing and cleanliness models. 
  • Recognize things that require extraordinary preparing or division (for example unsafe material, store administrations, examine, rescue). Guarantee that filtered cargo arrives at the suitable goal (for example opening, demolish, rescue). 


Material Handling 


  • Burden, empty, move, stock, stage, and transport items to transportation areas using non-fueled material taking care of gear. 
  • Prepared in the uncommon taking care of necessities of explicit item classes (for example wedding wear). 


General Warehouse 


  • Produce and use framework reports and review sheets to assess the move advance. 
  • Report quality registers and enter with the framework. 
  • Keep up a spotless, slick, organized, and safe work territory consistently. 
  • Complete day by day examination of hardware. 
  • Perform different obligations as doled out by the board or client in an exceptionally robotized pick/pack condition. 
  • Required Education and Experience: 
  • Secondary School Diploma or Equivalent liked 
  • 0 to a year involvement in a stockroom setting, liked 
  • Our Organization is an equivalent open door manager 



Brand: DHL 

Address: 4505 Derrick Industrial Parkway Union City, GA - 30349 

Property Description: 5172 - Union City GA 

Property Number: 5172