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Carlsbad, CA, USA
Aug 24, 2019

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Ganiverse centers around helping nearby organizations advertise themselves, develop deals, draw in with those in their networks in manners never observed and helping purchasers to set aside cash at their preferred neighborhood shippers the majority of this on everybody's mobile phones. We are looking for a cordial, versatile possibility to help our Office Resource Department in everyday activities and consumer loyalty. The perfect applicant has broad WordPress experience and meets and surpasses profitability objectives with a demonstrated ability to investigate issues and keep up an abnormal state of polished methodology, tolerance, and effectiveness. 


Obligations and Responsibilities: 


  • Customer Engagement, Product Support, Website Support and Sales Support office arrangements to guarantee conveyance of value items and administration to clients 
  • Manage organization capacities including on-boarding, request preparing, deals support, invoicing/charging and item support 
  • Help deals group with request preparing, satisfaction, and general obligations 
  • Request the executives; screen day by day messages and satisfy heightened phone calls 
  • Oversee organization items, site, and substance. 
  • Improves tasks and client experience results by examining, assessing, and re-planning process; checking and dissecting results; executing potential changes. 
  • Lead relapse testing, upkeep, and approval on all versatile stage capacities 
  • Be a promoter for Quality Assurance, help reevaluate, and improve procedures and measurements 



Capabilities and Skills: 


  • Four-year college education and 2+ years of WordPress experience 
  • The broad site, web-based social networking foundation 
  • Past information on site the board utilizing WordPress. 
  • Self-starter who has extraordinary time the executive's aptitudes and has incredible tender loving care. 
  • Great verbal and composed relational abilities 
  • Capability with WordPress, Microsoft Office Suite (Excel and Word), Google Doc/Sheets, and Photoshop 
  • Certain and proficient on the telephone with tolerance and an inspirational frame of mind 
  • Capacity to be creative and proactive during critical thinking and investigation 
  • Capacity to sort out, perform various tasks, organize, and work under strain 

Employment Types: Full-time, Part-time 




  • WordPress: 3 years (Required) 
  • office right hand: 1 year (Preferred) 
  • QuickBooks: 1 year (Preferred)