Public Outreach Associate

The Job Holder
Atlanta, GA, USA
Aug 25, 2019

Client Name

ASI Business Solutions


Extraordinary development this year has delivered more open doors for our colleagues to oversee extending customer accounts in influential positions. We currently have quick openings for another age of dynamic people to fill their shoes. Accordingly, we are procuring Public Outreach Associates to remain at the cutting edge of our progressive crusades and drive income for our customers. 


What our identity is: Our hearty, adaptable customer portfolio is a consequence of our careful tender loving care and development at the center of our adjustable showcasing efforts. We are pleased to have a group described by a decent variety in points of view, foundations, and experience levels that works together to oblige customers everything being equal. 


Your Role: 


  • Deliberately prospect new clients in the intended interest group 
  • Connect straightforwardly with potential clients to fabricate affinity 
  • Engender our customers' center message while displaying their items 
  • Tailor introductions to client inclinations and requirements 
  • Help with business improvement techniques 
  • Exhibit exceptional information about items and businesses 
  • Offer bits of knowledge with the group and persuade partners to exceed expectations 
  • Take an interest in group exercises to reinforce interior connections 



Basic Skills: 


  • Principled and meticulous 
  • Solid relationship-building aptitudes 
  • Capacity to adjust to change 
  • Tireless and steady 
  • Dependable and predictable 
  • Incredible relational abilities 
  • Capacity to deal with different undertakings 
  • Group situated and amicable 



You'll Enjoy: 


  • Multifaceted preparing and progressing training 
  • Open lines of correspondence with bosses 
  • A huge number of preparing assets 
  • Focused compensation with rewards, prizes, and acknowledgment 
  • Quick-paced group culture with group building exercises 
  • Support in network administration and generosity 
  • Profession development and uncapped winning potential