Sales Rep - Large Grocery/Mass Merchant (FT/Days)

The Job Holder
Santarosa, CA, USA
Aug 25, 2019

Client Name




63,949 yearly target 


The position goes about as the essential store-level sales rep to enormous arrangement records, for example, grocery stores and Mass Merchant accounts. Is in charge of giving selling and marketing administration to and developing business in alloted accounts. Position orders items to be conveyed by another worker to the store. Creates deals by offering to and adjusting clients. Pivots and stock items on racks and shows, in coolers, in distributing hardware, and in clients' reserved alcoves. Develops shows and sets special materials, for example, estimating signs and standards. Has visit connection with store the board. 

This position is work concentrated, requiring lifting, stacking, pushing and pulling cases weighing from 20-45 pounds for every case more than once more than a 10-12 hour work period. The position requires twisting, coming to, and crouching while at the same time promoting and moving items. The position may incorporate the end of the week as well as occasional work. 





  • Develop deals volume, piece of the overall industry, item circulation, space distribution, and client administration in every single alloted account 
  • Take stock, place orders for future conveyance, and sell item stock to standard 
  • Sell and execute advancements, request situation of gear, and use purpose of-procurement materials to invigorate deals 
  • Keep up and increment rack facings, clean retires, and pivot items 
  • Give magnificent support of doled out records and make and keep up altruism with all clients (e.g., correspondence, compatibility building, mindfulness to client needs, and so on.) 
  • Product item areas and fabricate presentations to animate deals 
  • Complete required desk work in an exact, neat, and opportune way 
  • Agree to work methodology (e.g., examine in/check out, after the assigned course, and so forth.) 
  • Work gear for moving items (e.g., pushing/pulling of the U-Boat, hand trucks, bed jacks, and so forth.) 
  • Use the handheld gadget to enter/compose orders 
  • Ordinary, dependable, unsurprising participation 





  • 18 years or more established 
  • Secondary School Diploma or GED 
  • Must submit to a medication screen 
  • Pass the individual verification 
  • Must have a vehicle to get to multi-store areas inside doled out move 
  • Substantial driver's permit and evidence of protection 


Supportive EXPERIENCE: 


  • Involvement with promoting (e.g., measures, plan-o-grams, item shows, stocking/turning item, back-room association, and so on.). 
  • Involvement with buyer items (e.g., various items, bundles, item estimates, and so on.). 
  • Involvement in the drink business (e.g., portions, kinds of clients, contenders, patterns, and so on.). 
  • Involvement with power gear (e.g., lift jacks, control jacks, u-vessels, bed jacks, and so forth.). 
  • Involvement with handheld PCs (e.g., versatile innovation, and so forth.). 
  • Involvement with overseeing stock (e.g., current stock, anticipated deals, requesting/re-stocking, and so forth.). 
  • Involvement with business-to-business selling (e.g., making deals calls, building associations with clients, taking care of client protests, and so forth.). 
  • Experience overseeing inaccurate requests (e.g., settling for an inappropriate request, overseeing out of stock item, and so forth.). 
  • Experience performing monetary and scientific counts (e.g., figuring net revenues, deciding presentation size, and so forth.). 
  • Involvement with dealing with a course (e.g., organizing quits, setting a calendar, adjusting accounts, overseeing conveyance windows, and so forth.). 
  • Involvement with gradual selling (e.g., selling over the standard request, proposing extra item, up selling/suggestive selling, and so on.). 
  • Experience following wellbeing methodology (e.g., appropriate lifting procedures, following security forms, and so on.).