Customer Support

The Job Holder
Rochester, NY, USA
Sep 11, 2019

Client Name

The Job Holder


Job Title: Customer Support/ Maintenance Specialist

Location: Rochester NY 14611

Duration: 3 years long Contract (Extendable)

Client:  Corporate

                                                                                                          Job Description:

Overall Purpose: To facilitate the process in transitioning assets & liabilities of a company to another designated company.

Other duties will include setting up Business Direct MIS/PNT/OEW registrations for new users, troubleshoot minor MIS/PNT/OEW Business Direct issues.

Setup Bill Manager registrations for new customers as well as troubleshoot any minor issues.

Setup STAAS registrations for new customers as well as troubleshoot any minor issues. This person will also act as a liaison and point of contact for Sunlight Communications, which is one of ACC Business’s agent partners. There is a two-week training period in which attendance is required. No time off for the first 60 days.

Additional responsibilities are required based on the needs of the business or supervisor discretion.

Must Have Customer Service Communication Skills Customer Service and 3 years High School diploma or equivalent experience Yes Math Typing A


Top 5 priorities in a candidate:1. Strong Customer service soft skills with emphasis on interpersonal communication (customer focused) and effective listing skills

2. Experience in troubleshooting telecom issues with significant IP routing knowledge

3. The ability to successfully partner with Local Exchange Carriers at various management levels

4. Problem Solving, Decision Making, and Conflict Management experience is a necessity

5. Must have excellent time management skills