Administrative Assistant

The Job Holder
Glynco, Dock Junction, GA, USA
Sep 17, 2019

Client Name

TeleSolv Consulting


Obligations and Responsibilities incorporate however are not restricted to: 


Aid the arrangement of introduction materials. 

The request for office and understudy supplies and booking of study halls and other FLETC offices. 

Orchestrate the shipment of class supplies to the understudy's home station after effective graduation from FPS TPD and FLETC courses. 

Plan and execute graduation services that incorporate office coordination, travel courses of action for visitors, and the generation of testaments of graduation. 

Give direction to understudies to the fulfillment of understudy structures extending from understudy contact information structures to new employ onboarding understudy structures. 

Finishes confirmation and review of understudy structures for precision and fulfillment before submittal to different FPS and NPPD workplaces. 

Alter all approaching and active records. 

Keep up the secrecy of data. 

Help the Subject Matter Experts (SME) in the advancement of strategy archives. 

Helps staff teachers and visitor educators with strategic help, homeroom supplies, FLETC clearances, and travel game plans. 

Offer help through FLETC Student Services for mentioning understudy transcripts and FLETC course prospectuses. 

Plan homerooms for preparing projects to incorporate study hall set up. 

Get ready correspondence, letters, and updates from a printed copy, utilizing structure letters, and additionally drafting substance as mentioned. 

Plan, alter and gather reports required for gatherings and introductions. 

Directions gatherings and meetings. Assembles fitting data, gets ready motivation and reports outlining things examined during these gatherings. Follows up on activity things to guarantee that the Chiefs/Managers are completely informed on issues of concern. 

Get ready and appropriate gathering plans and meeting minutes and give auspicious and far-reaching correspondence between included gatherings. 

Work viably with different branches and divisions inside the association to achieve undertakings. 

Help, as required, with uncommon undertakings. 

Get fundamental data from a suitable source(s) to finish appointed undertakings and offer data with others as required. 

Research, check and incorporate data to give full subject inclusion. 

Help with the update and planning of preparing materials. 

Create and alter normally planned draft status reports, as mentioned by TPD. 

Contractual worker consults with ranking directors and working workplaces in regards to approaching request, building up due dates, aggregating data, and getting ready coming about correspondence for the mark of the FPS TPD Chiefs, or his designee. 

Mange and gather Workman's Comp Files for understudies and staff. 

Compares with Regional staff and Regional Training Program Managers (RPMs) to recover information for reports, recover list information and enlistment data. 

Work inside different Learning Management Systems or other programming frameworks for the following, enlisting, overseeing preparing or other preparing related exercises possessed by FPS, FLETC, and additionally different offices. 

Sorting out, keeping up and documenting authority records. 

Keep up the majority of the division's records following an intelligent framework so others can document and effectively recover archives. 

Set up and keep up buy card envelopes and correspondence on the side of the TPD Purchase Card program. 

Build up, keep up, and screen an assortment of records and factual information with respect to the authoritative administrations given by the division. 

Other specially appointed assignments, as decided. 



Least Qualifications: 


a High School diploma is required. 

Least of (2) long stretches of regulatory involvement in an office setting performing obligations comparative in degree. 

DHS as well as FPS involvement in the government spending plan, obtaining, buy card programs, central government pay and travel guidelines and frameworks are wanted.