The Job Holder
Clearlake, CA, USA
Sep 20, 2019

Client Name

City of Clearlake



Instances of Duties/Knowledge and Skills 


This is the full voyage level in the Office Assistant class arrangement. Positions at this level are recognized from the Office Assistant I level by the exhibition of the full scope of obligations as doled out, working autonomously and practicing judgment and activity. Positions at this level get just incidental guidance or help as new or strange circumstances emerge, and are completely mindful of the working systems and approaches of the work unit. Positions in this class arrangement are deftly staffed and positions at the Office Assistant II level are regularly filled by progression from the Office Assistant I level. At the point when filled, all things considered, the worker is required to have earlier related experience which enables the representative to fulfill the capability guidelines for the Office Assistant II level. 

Least capabilities and Requirements 

Notwithstanding the capabilities for Office Assistant I: 



Learning of: 


Present-day office techniques, strategies and PC gear. 

Standards and strategies of record keeping. 

Word preparing strategies, procedures, and projects.