Customer Service Agent: Ticketing/Gate Service Agent (Ready Reserve)- Seasonal Employment

The Job Holder
Oakland, CA, USA
Oct 07, 2019

Client Name

Delta Air Lines



In this job, Ready Reserve Customer Service Agents serve our clients in both the ticketing and entryway territories at air terminal areas. 

Our experts filling in as a ticket specialist are the first to welcome our clients and guide and help them with the ticketing and things registration process. 

The ticketing procedure requires the utilization of PCs and operators are answerable for all parts of the ticketing procedure - selling, printing, reissue. Furthermore, a ticket operator is likewise liable for dealing with the registration procedure - guaranteeing our clients have the best possible documentation for movement, appropriately labeling stuff and performing lifting undertakings that include moving things from scales to transport lines. A few other lifting undertakings will include taking care of things as low as floor level and as high as abdomen level. This activity requires regularly lifting sacks or things weighing as much as 50 pounds. This activity additionally requires once in a while lifting sacks or things weighing somewhere in the range of 50 and 70 pounds. 

Our experts filling in as door specialists help our clients with directing, trip arranging and entryway boarding. 

The entryway specialist position requires the utilization of PCs and helps our clients with seat accessibility, door declarations as to the loading onto the process, flight status, checking and dealing with stuff, overseeing and starting the loading up procedure. Entryway operators are additionally required to work fly approaches to put them in situations preceding airship appearance and lifting, opening, shutting, and verifying airship entryways. 

All client support specialists are required to work reliably in open zones encompassed by other individuals and have the option to comprehend and react to an assortment of inquiries concerning travel data. This position requires representing significant stretches of time. Moreover, you might be liable for accompanying unaccompanied minors and handicapped travelers all through the air terminal. 

As a Seasonal Ready Reserve Customer Service Agent of Delta Air Lines, you will work somewhere in the range of 150 and 1,400 hours out of every year. 

Think you have the stuff to enable us to change how travelers feel about flying nowadays? In the event that you are group situated, are happy to work constantly in a powerful workplace, and decidedly adjust to changes and rapidly discover goals to issues by understanding our clients' needs and keeping up demonstrable skill and self-restraint, at that point we couldn't want anything more than to invite you to the Delta group, and how about we not disregard our "elevating" flight benefits! Numerous workers have utilized this section level situation for different open doors at Delta. 

Practices security cognizant practices in every single operational procedure and method. 

To meet all the requirements for this position, you should: 

Have a secondary school confirmation or GED identical 

Have a substantial driver's permit 

Be at any rate 18 years old 

Pass a broad post-offer pre-work individual verification, including fingerprinting and a criminal history record check required by government law 

Pass a post-offer pre-work medication test 

Habitually lift packs or things weighing up to and including 50 pounds. 

Every so often lifts packs or things weighing somewhere in the range of 50 and 70 pounds. 

Breeze through a physical dexterity assessment 

Be approved to work in the US 

Have section level PC aptitudes 

Solid verbal and composed relational abilities utilizing suitable language, tone, and articulation 

Be happy to work a fixed or potentially pivoting timetable including evenings, nights, ends of the week and occasions