Call Center Scheduler

The Job Holder
Colbert, GA, USA
Oct 08, 2019

Client Name

Medlink Georgia, Inc


  1. Answers all phone calls instantly in an amiable and expert way 
  2. Timetables arrangements for patients and additionally courses request and calls as important 
  3. Timetables new patient and development 
  4. Catches and enters precise patient statistic data into Athena 
  5. Audits arrangement data; date, time, area and supplier name with the patient 
  6. Helps patient to remember MedLink's no call/no show arrangement when booking arrangements 
  7. Checks protection including MCD/MCR and gets ready outsider protection structures 
  8. Keeps up exact and classified patient records following HIPPA rules and guidelines 
  9. Answers questions and offers other data, as mentioned, to give patient-focused help and a positive impression of our association 
  10. Goes about as a contact for the patient and the Call Center 
  11. Guides call to different divisions and wellbeing focus as required 
  12. Utilizations sound judgment in dealing with calls 
  13. Learning of when to raise calls Call Center, Manager 
  14. Promptly reports issues of objections as well as furious patients to Call Center Manager 
  15. Makes update calls for arrangements as mentioned 
  16. Makes calls to reschedule arrangements when essential 
  17. Gives help to other cutting edge staff, including therapeutic secretaries, medicinal associates, suppliers, et al. as required 
  18. Plans administrative work and administrative obligations as fundamental for the upkeep of patient records, protection structures, the social event of measurable data and additionally program documentation 
  19. Works with Chronic Care Management staff to allude, patients, as required 
  20. Take an interest in group and workforce conferences as required or mentioned 
  21. Different obligations as allowed