Administrative Assistant for United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and Empowerment of Women (UN Women) Country Office

The Job Holder
Georgia, USA
Oct 08, 2019

Client Name

ActiveUnited Nations Development Programme (UNDP)


Obligations and Responsibilities 

The Administrative Assistant will do the accompanying capacities under the immediate supervision Operations Manager: 

Give authoritative help to the property the executives; 

Keep up recording framework guaranteeing the supervision of secret materials for the whole UN Women Country Office. 

Bolster UN Women Operations group in keeping up an online document framework; 

Screen and keep up office stationery supplies including upkeep of stock rundown of stationery, appropriation of stationery and keeping a log of dispersion, as required; 

Keep up records on resources the executives and get ready required reports; 

  1. Get ready and circulate greeting, plans, different data, and so on.; 
  2. Draft correspondence of a normal sort, reactions to request guaranteeing rightness regarding configuration, punctuation, and spelling; 
  3. Bolster UN Women interchanges group in sorting out distributions and keeping up the log-book; 
  4. Cause plans for arrangements and gatherings, to give regulatory help to meetings, workshops, withdraws; 
  5. Encourage travel plans: start travel approval for endorsement, save flight plans, arrange with the Country Office Operations segment for important travel advances and claims, look for fitting visa and exceptional status; 
  6. Get ready installment demands, money related reports, spending arranging, and budgetary uses as required; 
  7. Safekeeping and support of the task/UN Women gear and stocks; 
  8. Go about as a mediator/interpreter upon solicitation from English, Russian and into Georgian language and the other way around when required; 
  9. Help with photocopying, checking, and faxing (both Country Office and undertaking related exercises); 
  10. Offer help in workforce organization for global and national staff as suitable (for example restoration of UNLPs, visas; expansion of agreements, organization of national advantages and stipends; organization of home leave qualifications); 
  11. Organize UN Women Country office vehicle pool and conveyance of vehicles as mentioned (keep up the normal vehicle demand strategies; checking driver's logbook) 
  12. Help UN Women Country Representative, UN Women Deputy Country Representative and UN Women Operations Manager in their day by day work; 
  13. Give regulatory help to successful learning the board and sharing inside the workplace and different workplaces/HQs; 
  14. Assemble and offer information and experience identified with authoritative and activities support; 
  15. Organize and oversee shipments and traditions freedom game plans; 
  16. Manage convention matters, enrollment of staff, coordination with nearby experts on space and other authoritative issues; 
  17. Give substantive contributions to the readiness of obtainment plans for the workplace and add to observing their usage; 

Perform other important obligations as required