General Office Assistant

The Job Holder
Lyons, IL, USA
Oct 08, 2019

Client Name

Oxford Industries


Records Payable Clerk 

  1. Check solicitations against buy orders/getting records 
  2. Code solicitations with the right coda record number 
  3. Get solicitations endorsed by the board 
  4. Sweep solicitations into ImageNow for installment handling 
  5. Audit solicitations in SAP to confirm installment 
  6. Contact Customers/Vendors in regards to any disparity with solicitations 

Shading Coordination Clerk 

  1. Speak with the clients in regards to logo determinations. Pick string hues for the logo dependent on the client determinations. Give sewn swatches to client surveys and endorsement before requests are entered underway. 
  2. Speak with the Art Department Manager in regards to any inquiries or logo line mistakes. 
  3. Download weaving Logos into the weaving framework. 
  4. Keep up total documentation to incorporate details, sewn swatches, and pictures for every logo on every single significant record. 
  5. Convert weaving record to an image document sending a duplicate to the agents and client support 
  6. Audit requests checking for right Logo data. 
  7. Whenever required, work with Sales Reps and Customer Service to address orders with inaccurate logo data. 
  8. Print and connect the logo pictures and determinations to the work request for the weaving office. 
  9. Answer inquiries from weaving concerning string hues and weaving areas. 
  10. Complete sovereignty reports month to month. 
  11. Wave Administration Clerk 

Run area Queries 

  1. Speak with Application backing in regards to any blunders to get them settled 
  2. Enter pick ticket waves utilizing the right parameters (Ticket number, Purchase Order Number, Store, Order type and so forth.) 
  3. Print Picket Tickets 
  4. Get ready pare tickets for the creation floor 
  5. Modify ticket data as required. (Ship Via, change address, start/stop dates, and so forth.) 
  6. Perform day by day downloads in ABS 
  7. Crease solicitations and mail 
  8. Sweep BOL's and email archives to the fitting clients 
  9. Answer switchboard and move calls to proper augmentation 
  10. Request distribution center and office supplies as required. 

Getting Clerk 

  1. Plan approaching shipment reports physically and go into the distribution center administration framework. (Shipment Headers, container names, blend SKU records, and so on.) 
  2. Confirm generation against the getting document/pressing slips 
  3. Accommodate any inconsistencies between real item got and getting record/pressing slip 
  4. Check little bundle shipments (FedEx/UPS) against Purchase Orders 
  5. Review little getting records for merchandise got without a buy request 
  6. Keep up getting records 
  7. Disseminate little getting records and buy request accepting's to Accounts Payable. 
  8. Help to get division with naming cases, checking, and so forth on an as-required premise. 

Delivery Clerk 

  1. Separate picking tickets by client and truck lines. Plans show and bill of replenishing for every shipment. Checks data of each friendly shipment and calendars pickups with truck lines. 
  2. Runs day by day inquiries in the Warehouse Management System for steering. Compares with every client by means of web or email to check and calendar shipments. 
  3. Performs end-of-day UPS REPORTS. Run day end shows; make cargo alterations and group solicitations. 
  4. Inquires about and checks chargebacks to sellers 
  5. Handles different incidental administrative work or office obligations as allocated. 
  6. Speaks with trucking organizations and drivers all the time. 


  1. Degree, Complexity, and Autonomy 
  2. Applies aptitudes and information increased through conventional preparing or earlier work understanding. 
  3. May adjust strategies, activities, and/or gear to address the issues of the activity. 
  4. May take a shot at non-routine undertakings. 
  5. Recognizes issues and issues in straight-forward circumstances, evaluating each utilizing standard systems. 
  6. Alludes complex issues to more significant levels 
  7. Works under a moderate level of supervision.