Clerical Assistant - .50 FTE - 12 Month-LCC

The Job Holder
Yuba City, CA, USA*0
Oct 09, 2019

Client Name

Yuba Community College District


Basic Duties Summary: 

Delegate DUTIES: 

  1. Timetable arrangements and gatherings; keep up different calendars and schedules; order data for arrangements as mentioned; advise understudies and workforce of gathering dates. (E) 
  2. Keep up an assortment of logs, records, and documents identified with the appointed office; close records as per built up methods and courses of events. (E) 
  3. Give data and help to understudies, the general population and staff with respect to program necessities and techniques in a precise and opportune way. (E) 
  4. Type letters, memoranda, reports, plans, records, plans, structures or different materials from straight duplicate, work in progress or notes; disperse, mail and document materials as fitting. (E) 
  5. Work an assortment of office hardware, for example, , adding machine, copier, and others; work PC gear to enter and recover information, keep up records and produce reports. (E) 
  6. Perform secretary obligations and answer phones; take and transfer messages; welcome understudies and people in general and give routine data; direct request to the fitting individual or office. (E) 
  7. Guarantee the auspicious duplication and appropriation of an assortment of records, reports and different materials as coordinated. 
  8. Perform related obligations as doled out. 

Information OF: 

  1. Phone methods and decorum. 
  2. Relational abilities utilizing consideration, tolerance, and graciousness. 
  3. Right English use, language structure, spelling, accentuation, and jargon. 
  4. Current office practices, techniques, and hardware. 
  5. Arrangements and destinations of appointed programs and exercises. 
  6. Record-keeping systems.