Department Assistant III-SOAR, Rural Initiatives (19hrs./week)-COF

The Job Holder
Delano, CA, USA
Oct 09, 2019

Client Name

Bakersfield College


Delegate DUTIES: 

  1. Perform general secretarial and administrative work; plan arrangements and procedure staff data; screen, request, appropriate and keep up office supplies; request reading material; keep up and investigate new hardware; get and sort mail. 
  2. Type and edit a wide assortment of reports, letters, undertakings, and proposition; form correspondence identified with relegated obligations; help with getting ready and composing course layouts and inventory data including class and last assessment plan data. 
  3. Take an interest in the arranging, improvement, and execution of an assortment of occasions and capacities straightforwardly identified with the territory of duty, including raising support and exceptional occasions identified with school programs. 
  4. Relegate work exercises, activities, and projects to administrative and understudy help; screen work process; audit and assess work items, techniques and strategies; take an interest in the determination of administrative or understudy staff; aid staff preparing. 
  5. Play out an assortment of work associated with understudy help including booking classes; organize uncommon facilities, for example, testing or varying media hardware; illuminate understudies regarding class undoings; students from other schools. 
  6. Set up an assortment of reports and demands, for example, travel solicitation structures and staff solicitation structures; get ready regularly scheduled finance; report instructor nonattendances; confirm understudy partners' time cards; issue, receive, type and process different applications, grants, and different structures. 
  7. Sort out and keep up documenting frameworks; keep up an assortment of records and record logs legitimately identified with the region of task including certificated and ordered worker documents, spending data, understudy restoration progress, and general understudy records. 
  8. Get and convey supplies; confirm approaching shipments for fitting amount and quality; record receipt of the product on buy request; document buy request; forward buy requests to District office for incomplete or full installment; send District refreshed stock rundown.