Program Technician-SOAR, Rural Initiatives COF

The Job Holder
Delano, CA, USA
Oct 09, 2019

Client Name

Bakersfield College


Agent DUTIES: 

  1. Aid the advancement of a relegated program's objectives and destinations; suggest strategy changes and execution methods; set up an assortment of required reports identified with the doled out program. 
  2. Accumulate an assortment of information, including figuring pay rates and incidental advantages, anticipated quantities of understudies to be served, and consumptions for an assortment of individual school programs. 
  3. Recognize qualified understudies; calendar and lead individual or little gathering sessions with potential understudies; give data and help to understudies in regards to the allowed program; react to request; decipher and clarify venture strategies and qualification prerequisites. 
  4. Direct workshops relating to work situation; talk with understudies to decide destinations for employment arrangement. 
  5. Organize and lead grounds visits and division appearances for intrigued understudies; keep in touch and perform subsequent meet-ups with selected understudies; decipher situation tests for program qualification purposes. 
  6. Give direction with respect to the school to local gatherings, organizations, and foundations; convey data relating to school projects and administrations, including enlistment, enlistment and budgetary guide. 
  7. Aid the finish of monetary guide structures; screen understudies through the money related guide process; screen understudy scholastic advancement for qualification purposes. 
  8. Help understudies in finishing applications to four-year universities and catch up with a suitable advisor. 
  9. Build up and keep up contacts with open offices and administration region schools, both open and private; react to composed and verbal requests concerning the program. 
  10. Set up and keep in touch with open and private business offices; keep current with neighborhood enlisting patterns. 
  11. Aid coordination of an assortment of individual school programs. 
  12. Visit and take an interest in an assortment of meetings and workshops identified with the relegated program; drive a vehicle to different destinations to set up and screen work situations, perform outreach obligations and take part in occupation fairs and employment positions classes. 
  13. Give preparing and work bearing to understudy colleagues as appointed. 
  14. Perform related obligations as allocated.