Unit Secretary

The Job Holder
Savannah, GA, USA
Oct 10, 2019

Client Name

Encompass Health


Envelop Health Rehabilitation Hospital of Savannah 

The Unit Secretary is liable for: - Supporting the elements of the nursing unit by performing basically administrative obligations. - Serving as an asset for patients, families, doctors, staff, and guests who may approach the nursing station. - Coordinating the progression of the unit to upgrade the conveyance of protected, quality patient consideration. 


Employment Code: 100100 


Permit or Certification: - CPR Preferred Education, Training and Years of Experience: - One-year involvement in an inpatient setting working as a unit secretary liked. - A student in the dynamic social insurance program, for example, nursing liked - Alternate encounters in perusing and interpretation of medicinal requests liked. - Completion of Medical Terminology course liked. Machines, Equipment Used: - General office gear, for example, phone, copier, fax machine, number cruncher, PC. Physical Requirements: - Good visual keenness and capacity to convey. - Ability to lift at least 30 pounds and capacity push/pull at least 30 pounds, which incorporates the lifting, pushing as well as pulling of restorative supplies and hardware and the moving and repositioning of patients. Sensible help might be mentioned when lifting, pushing, or potentially pulling are embraced this surpasses these base prerequisites. - Ability to withstand delayed standing and strolling. - Ability to reach, stoop, twist, bow, and the hunch is required for patient consideration capacities and in setting up and checking hardware Skills and Abilities: - Ability to talk, read, compose, and impart successfully. - Ability to organize, break down, watch, decide, and comply with time constraints in a meticulous way. - Ability to work freely without supervision. Natural Conditions: - Indoor, temperature controlled, sans smoke condition. Periodic open-air presentation. - Exposure or potential presentation to blood and body liquids might be required. - Handicapped open. - May work under unpleasant conditions now and again. Capability or Productivity Standards: - Meets built up participation models. - Adheres to clinic/division clothing regulation including wearing ID identification. - May be required to work weekdays as well as ends of the week, nighttimes or potentially night shifts if necessary to comply with time constraints. - May be required to take a shot at strict as well as lawful occasions on booked days/shifts. - Will be required to fill in as fundamental during fiasco circumstances, i.e., previously, during or after a calamity. - May be required to remain after workday to help after a catastrophe circumstance until alleviation shows up. - May be required to perform different obligations as doled out by chief.