The Job Holder
Folkston, GA, USA
Oct 10, 2019

Client Name

GEO Corrections & Detentions (A GEO Company)


Essential Duties and Responsibilities


  1. Performs information section and support of PC documents. 
  2. Gathers and surveys every single appropriate report related to the lawful exchange of people. 
  3. Keeps up the records for each new person that lands at the office. Updates documents as required. 
  4. Creates and submits required reports comparative with the office prisoner record framework, just as different reports as required. 
  5. Reviews the prisoner record in accordance with the office approach. 
  6. Gets ready prisoner records for the arrival of prisoners. 
  7. Aids the prisoner discharge process as required. 
  8. Helps with keeping up office security, particularly in the territory of obligation, and expeditiously reports any infringement or security dangers to proper supervisory staff. 
  9. Sticks to organization strategies, methodology, and explicit office guidelines including posted exceptional requests and directions. Keeps up exacting control of all hardware and supplies utilized in the execution of obligation particularly those things that could be utilized for unlawful purposes. 
  10. Performs different obligations as allowed. 


Least Requirements 


  1. Secondary school confirmation or GED declaration. 
  2. Exhibited involvement in-office techniques and related administrative obligations. 
  3. Capacity to associate in an expert way in both individual and gathering settings. 
  4. Capacity to work with a group of prisoners and can actualize group technique ways to deal with work assignments. 
  5. Great oral and composed relational abilities. 
  6. Capacity to comprehend and do decently complex oral and composed directions; to settle on minor choices as per principles and guidelines as they apply to work issues; to keep up organization records, and to meet and manage people in general and detainees. 
  7. Solid hierarchical and relational abilities. Capacity to comprehend and execute reasonably complex oral and composed guidelines; settle on minor choices as per principles and guidelines as they apply to work issues, and keep up the guilty party and other unit records comparatively with everyday activities. 
  8. Capacity to expertly cooperate with others 
  9. Capacity to work with PCs and the vital programming ordinarily utilized by the office.