FYE Administrative Assistant

The Job Holder
Davis, CA, USA
Oct 11, 2019

Client Name

UC Davis Health System



  1. Experience working in office condition and giving authoritative capacities; general office related assignments and strategies, record-keeping and documenting procedures, imparting successfully and expertly face to face, by means of email and over the phone. 
  2. Task coordination experience to regulate everyday activities: decide contending outstanding task at hand needs, set up and successfully comply with time constraints, objectives, and goals in a quick-paced, high-volume, occupied condition. 
  3. Experience overseeing and organizing, numerous schedules, gatherings, contending needs without explicit course. 
  4. Experience arranging, combining and articulating a lot of information into outlines and point by point reports/diagrams. Involvement with spreadsheets, databases, word handling, money-related applications. 
  5. Experience working with understudies, acting in a lead ability to direct work and desires. 
  6. Experience looking after secrecy, protection and secure records applicable to budgetary exchanges, understudy records, and other touchy reports. 
  7. Experience working successfully and delicately with people from differing social foundations and viewpoints to manufacture shared regard, reasonableness and value.