Administrative Support Assistant 3

The Job Holder
Ontario, CA, USA
Oct 11, 2019

Client Name

Fusion Technical Solutions


Expected set of responsibilities 


  1. M-F 8-5 
  2. Training Requirement 
  3. Secondary School Diploma or Equivalent 
  4. Everyday Responsibilities/Workload 


1. Noting telephone calls, booking/organizing inward and outside gatherings and phone calls, just as getting ready plans and dialog materials. 

2. Recording electronic and paper archives, including preparing Temporary Power Pole demands, licenses, supply orders, buy demands, and cost reports as required. 

3. Speaking with city and wellbeing authorities on license submittals and additionally assessment request. 

4. Handling installments and confirming agreements are finished for a wide range of work orders. 

5. Taking care of classified and touchy phone calls, records, archives, and reports. 

6. Organizing and concluding routine assignments to guarantee auspicious fulfillment. 

7. Supervising and guaranteeing consistence preparing for the office is finished in an auspicious way. 

8. Making and keeping up area programs and databases. 

9. Using on-line and standard electronic office bolster apparatuses and programming to enter/recover information and update frameworks. 

10. Evaluating/directing approaching and active correspondence, including following up when important. 

11. Partaking in the Administrative Team and other exceptional ventures as appointed to help with conveying reports and overseeing data. 

12. Reliably keeping up and advancing a security cognizant workplace, by following Edison wellbeing conventions and safe work rehearses. 

13. Handling, submitting, and following inventory requests and fix/upkeep orders, buy demands, agreements, and solicitations. 

14. Performing different obligations and obligations as doled out.