Aircraft Logs - Records Clerk

The Job Holder
Lemoore, CA, USA
Oct 11, 2019

Client Name



Least Requirements 

  1. Move work and separation is required. 
  2. Secondary school graduate or equal. 
  3. Least of three (3) long stretches of generation/arranging information aggregation and detailing, either in the military administrations or in business applications is required. 
  4. Will record logbooks and other flight activities documentation. 
  5. Information on administering programs, arrangements, classification, work techniques, manuals or built up rules. 
  6. Systematic capacity to characterize issues, gather fundamental information and build up actualities and make or prescribe move dependent on the material set up rules. 
  7. Must have the option to satisfy the physical needs of position and breeze through/keep up any related therapeutic assessment prerequisites required to perform allotted day by day undertakings. 
  8. May be required to pass and keep up a U.S. Government foundation security check. 
  9. "Must have the option to talk, read, compose and get English".