Patient Access Specialist I - Full Time - Nights

The Job Holder
Austell, GA, USA
Oct 13, 2019

Client Name

WellStar Cobb Hospital


Required Minimum Education 

Secondary School certificate or identical. 


Required Minimum Experience 

At any rate 2 years of related involvement, in a social insurance or institutional work setting. Past business record that reflects work soundness, as shown by a normal work residency for past employments of at any rate one year. 


Favored Experience 

Two years of patient access administration or patient budgetary assistance work involvement. 

Required Minimum Skills 

  1. Composing or information passage competency of at any rate 40 words/minute. 
  2. Money dealing with and adjusting. Exhibited polished methodology, viable relational abilities, and undivided attention aptitudes 
  3. Compulsory fulfillment Registration Thrive course inside 90 days of business. 
  4. Compulsory fulfillment of the ADT Registration Epic course inside 60 days of business.